Trump Playing 6D Chess?!

Trump supporters first explained that he only seemed like a buffoonish NWO zio-stooge because he was playing rope-a-dope, like Muhammad Ali, in order to make his opponents overconfident.

As Trump continued to look like a buffoonish NWO zio-stooge​, his supporters said it only seemed that way because he was playing chess while his opponents were playing checkers.

Not long after that, Trump’s supporters had to explain that he was playing 3D chess … then 4D chess … then 5D chess, and now … I just saw the first claim that he is playing 6D chess!

Or … maybe the simplest, most obvious, and most probable answer has been correct all along:

03/03/16: Trump is a Ringer

11/19/16: The Globalists Chose Trump

04/09/17: Trump Confirms He Is NWO

07/30/17: ​Trump Calls For Lower Majority To Pass Laws

09/09/17: Trump Wants To Make Unlimited Government Spending Easier


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