What I Learned From Matt Damon

When you start watching Matt Damon in a movie about a global pandemic, like “Contagion”, you just KNOW he is going to save the world. Instead, he is just a boring and obedient citizen who accepts his helplessness, and who understands that the uber competent good guys, a.k.a. the federal bureaucracy, have his back. He is so obedient, and has so much faith, that he doesn’t even want a gun to protect his family from looters.

The whole point of this boring movie is that we should all have blind faith in government; whereas, we should see those who criticize the government on the Internet as the lowest of the low.

Then I saw the same message in another Matt Damon movie, “We Bought a Zoo.” In it, Matt Damon is blindly obedient when a government inspector tells him that he must make expensive changes to comply with new regulations. You see, the location of a barrier around the lion cage was just fine for years, but a new regulation says it must be 6 inches further back. The modification would bankrupt his Zoo, but does he show any sign of contempt for such a ludicrous demand by some government bureaucrat? No, he shows only respect and obedience.


  • Anonymous says:

    Yes indeed, teaching more people to be sheep!

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