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How evolution works and the consequences for human nature and the future.

Racism Explained

We need honest debate more than ever given that our governments and media promote fallacies, suppress honest debate, and force integration. The only reason that such heavy handed political correctness is not fascism, is because we don’t call it that. They even deny that race exists! Another reason we desperately need honest debate is because […]


Race Exists

Does race exist? In other words, are there genetic differences between races? Some scientists and most journalists say that race does not exist – except for skin color, but if one thinks for oneself, then the claim that there are no genetic differences between any groups of humans – except for skin color – just […]


Evolution Explained

Evolution began the moment some random molecule had the ability to replicate itself. Evolution progressed whenever a mistake (a mutation) during replication created a new molecule that was at least as successful at getting copies of itself into the future. Evolution thus requires that the evolving entity possess both a means of reproduction and a […]


The Soul of Animals

The soul of humanity is the peak of human evolution; but just as most (maybe all) of us carry the soul of humanity, most of us still carry the soul of animals – the peak of pre-human evolution, which consists of conformism and hierarchy, which are incompatible with the soul of humanity. However, today’s leaders […]


The Soul Of Humanity

Evolution has given the vast majority of us the ability to instinctively know which principles are right and wrong. For example, we are genetically programmed to dislike cheating, pettiness, and short shortsightedness; whereas, we are genetically programmed to admire integrity, open mindedness, tolerance, responsibility, curiosity, and courage. Majority Principles are even more difficult for us […]


Reproductive Freedom—Absurdity, Atrocity, and Common Ground

“Those who can make one believe absurdities can make one commit atrocities.”—Voltaire Regarding reproductive freedom, I will show how there can be common ground and mutual respect based in reality, but to enable such progress, I will first have to give a hard lesson in reality to those holding back progress. Although I am pro-choice […]