Race Exists

Does race exist? In other words, are there genetic differences between races?

Some scientists and most journalists say that race does not exist – except for skin color, but if one thinks for oneself, then the claim that there are no genetic differences between any groups of humans – except for skin color – just doesn’t pass the smell test – so one must investigate.

The common sense answer is that race exists because races look different and evolved in separate locations, but the politically correct answer is that there is no genetic difference between any groups of humans – other than skin color. Of course, independent thinkers quickly learn to be suspicious of politically correct answers because politically correct answers keep proving to be based on “science” that cherry picks, does not consider all the variables, and suppresses alternative thought.

Researcher Omri Tal has proven that, yet again, the common sense answer is superior to the politically correct answer.

For example, one of the questions he answers is:

Question: What is the probability that a random pair of individuals from the same local population is more genetically dissimilar than a random pair from two distinct populations?

Answer: The probability is shown to drop to zero with increasing number of genetic markers even for very closely-related populations and rare alleles.

In other words, when we consider all versions of all genes, then it is certain that an individual from a given local population will be more genetically similar to another individual from that same population than to an individual from another population – even when the two populations are closely related – let alone when they are distant.

Is it any surprise that the politically correct elite are just as wrong as when they insisted that there are no differences between men and women except for difference caused by how they were raised?

Is it any surprise that the politically correct elite are just as wrong as when they created the hockey stick chart?

Let’s continue thinking for ourselves.

If we accept the data from those who deny race, then there were only 10,000 humans 70,000 years ago because other humans were killed off by the Toba event, and thus these were somewhat closely related humans from one geographical location. This is somewhat speculative, but it is plausible. what is not plausible is the more speculative politically correct conclusion that race does not exist.

The politically correct conclusion is that we are all the same because the 10,000 Toba survivors were the same and because there has not been enough time for significant evolution since then. However, there can be a lot of genetic diversity in 10,000 people from the same region, and 70,000 years is a lot of time for significant evolution to occur.

For example, 700,000 years ago, 600 species of cichlids lived in Lake Tanganyika and only one species of cichlid from lake Tanganyika ever survived the journey to Lake Malawi, and possibly as few as one male and one female made it to Lake Malawi. Over the next 700,000 years, 500 species of cichlids evolved from just a few individuals of that one species. Therefore, anyone can estimate that in the first 70,000 years, anywhere from 5 to 100 new species evolved from just a few individuals of one species.

There are a couple of reasons why the range of 5 to 100 is so large. The number of species could potentially grow exponentially. For example, one species could have evolved into two, and then those could have evolved into 4, and then those could have evolved into 8.  However, there are limiting pressures that increase as the number of individuals and the number of species increase, which means that the evolution of new species could have tapered off during the last half of that 700,000 years because they were all in that one lake competing with each other to fill the limited space and limited niches. It is not as if they migrated all over the world while they were evolving – like humans did.

What we have actually proven is that there are many many human races, and thus there are many races within each skin color. Therefore, skin color is one determinant of race, but by itself is not the sole determinant of race; however, skin color does delineate one group of races from another group of races.

Still, we have not gotten to the heart of the issue. The real issue of race is whether there exists genetic differences that cause important differences in behavior and values. Given that differences in behavior and values could be caused by just one gene, then based on what we know, it is highly probable that different races within the same skin color have a few genes that cause different behavior and values. Likewise, it is highly probable that if there were 10 genes that varied among races within the same skin color, then there must be at least one variation of one gene that causes important differences in behavior or values that is unique to skin color, but as far as I know, no one has proven or disproven the existence of such genes – probably because the answer could be politically incorrect.

Although we have not gotten to the heart of the issue, I would say that based on what we can see for ourselves, the issue of race is largely irrelevant because differences between races just can’t be that big. For example, the difference between cultures is larger. The differences between men and women is larger. The differences between adults and children is larger, and the differences between religions is larger.

Therefore, progressives need to get over their obsession with race and their contradictory denial of race. Why do the politically correct want everyone to be the same anyway? I like diversity, and the politically correct also claim that they like diversity.

You may recall that politically correct “science”, fudged the data, and committed atrocities, like on David Reimer, to make the data conform to the preconceived notion that the the only difference between men and women was how they were raised. Then they used peer pressure to force everyone to conform to their beliefs – even after their science had been falsified.

You may recall that politically correct climate “science”, fudged the data and smoothed out the data to make it conform to the hockey stick chart they already had in their minds. Then they used unprecedented peer pressure to force everyone to conform to their beliefs – even after their science had been falsified.

The goal of politically correct “science” is thus  conformity.


  • Anonymous says:

    What's funny about some of the so-called "progressives" is they scream for "diversity", yet they are the ones destroying diversity by attempting to make us all the same!!

  • Come on guys, you want to see why races don't exist? Go to google and check mixed people who are white, black and everything else. when people mix, the genes don't go away at all anywhere. They just make more combinations.Literally even two blacks can give birth to a white and vice versa. Though it is rare it is entirely possible. You can even get black and white twins.There are simply no exclusive traits or genes period. Its simple: All genes and traits "white" people have as a group are either already found in "blacks" as a group or able to passed on exactly the same way as within. (Also vice versa of course).Probability this probability that. The bottom line is you can get a black dude more related to a white one than to another white one or black one. If you can get black and white twins. Its over. Just give up, already.

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