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Movie Capsules

Movies Atlas Shrugged – The last two noble captains of industry fall in love and try to save the world while their ungrateful friends, family, and government heap insult and injury upon them. Equilibrium – In a dystopian future that prides itself on peace through mandatory injections everyday to suppress all human emotion, the top […]


Oblivion – The Soul of Humanity Wins

This movie powerfully illustrates what I call the Soul of Humanity vs. the Soul of Animals. Whichever one triumphs will determine the survival of all life on earth, and yet, this conflict mostly plays out between an individual man (Tom Cruise) and the wife assigned to him. Ignore the critics, they lack the maturity to […]


Atlantis (Atlas Shrugged – Lite)

Atlantis is a story similar to Atlas Shrugged because in each, a visionary man builds a society that is quietly attracting all of the world’s most talented and most ethical people while the rest of the world crumbles from the burden of government (from every man trying to live at the expense of others). More […]