Arrival — Masterful NWO Propaganda

In Arrival we learn that national governments, and especially the US government, are very good at everything they do, except for the highly contrived scenario in Arrival. Fortunately, a female scientist saves the world in spite of all those nationalistic men. In fact, this single mom was so good that even those crazy men in the alternative media (that Hillary warned us about), and those men who listen to them, were not able to stop her from saving the world. Why couldn’t they have just trusted the experts?

She is able to save the world because she teaches language classes at a university, and she does it better than anyone in the world, and yet, unlike other teachers, she thinks outside the box. In fact, this teacher thinks outside of the box better than anyone in the world. This was necessary because the aliens were not able to figure out our language, so she had to figure out theirs and teach them ours — even though their language is about a thousand times more complex than ours, and even though they’re … um … aliens.

She shows the world the way to a global government where everything is awesome. You see, the problem in our world today is not enough centralization and standardization …

This all sounds like the propaganda we’ve seen out of Hollywood for the 10,000th time, but this time it is not as in-your-face as it usually is. The in-your-face parts make it seem like the movie is about how government fails and individuals who think outside the box can do better, but it is actually about how national governments fail and experts can save us by giving us global government.

It was masterful the way the movie did not overplay its hand. In fact, it did not portray any LGBT issues or individuals, which has become so prevalent (as if mandated by law) that its absence kind of leaps out at the astute viewer.

This movie is further evidence that the globalist elite are preparing us for Their Coming Peaceful Alien Hoax.


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