Atlantis (Atlas Shrugged – Lite)

Atlantis is a story similar to Atlas Shrugged because in each, a visionary man builds a society that is quietly attracting all of the world’s most talented and most ethical people while the rest of the world crumbles from the burden of government (from every man trying to live at the expense of others). More specifically, a visionary Native American man builds a giant city on the Sioux reservation where people can come and innovate free of regulation, taxes, or any other form of coercion, which was only possible because of the autonomy of Indian reservations. He basically started a new country right under the noses of decaying big governments.

This book was written in 1997 by Robert Klassen, and like Atlas Shrugged, it is even more accurate now than it was then. At one fifth the length of Atlas Shrugged, and with its appeal to a broader audience, one could think of it as Atlas Shrugged – lite. In spite of its short length, it still has a variety of conflicts, trials, quests, and romances. It also explains some of the day to day mechanics of how freedom works, and contrasts freedom with the status quo.

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    Who's the author?

  • Jim says:

    Robert Klassen is the author.

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    Thank you!

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