The Big Bamboozle Is A Big Bamboozle

The 9/11 conspiracy book, The Big Bamboozle, is itself a big bamboozle. It correctly claims that the official story cannot be true, and that 9/11 was an inside job, but it is misdirection that tries hard to conceal the full scope of the 9/11 conspiracy. It also tries to strengthen the illusion of legitimacy, without which, the perpetrators (those at the top) would be finished. Therefore, it seems like we cannot trust anything in this book; and if it were indeed written by Philip Marshall, then he must be controlled opposition, and we should not trust anything else he has said either.

There is another possibility, which is that this book was setting up the real perpetrators in a very clever and effective way, but that is less likely, so I will first review the book as if it were exactly what the author believed.

The most conspicuous misdirection is that this book keeps reinforcing the still common misconception that only two World Trade Center towers fell on 9/11, but anyone can quickly verify that three ​towers fell on 9/11. It never mentions the third tower (WTC 7), which was not hit by a plane. To anyone who sees the video of the 48-story WTC 7 collapsing, it should be self-evident that WTC 7 was a controlled demolition. 9/11 has several smoking guns, and WTC 7 is the most self-evident.

Anyone who is reading this book, and who knows about WTC 7, will be constantly asking, "What about WTC 7?" Its total absence is that conspicuous. Given how every amateur investigator knows about WTC 7, its total absence is also unforgivable.

Anyone who has seen WTC 7 collapse knows it was a controlled demolition, which also means that the official story cannot be true, which is earth shattering. More importantly, what is self-evident and earth-shattering to you and I ... is self-evident and earth-shattering to most of those in the mainstream, and yet, not one mainstream journalist, expert, or politician—globally—will mention WTC 7!, and that proves someone has been exercising the power to keep WTC 7 out of the mainstream ... 100% ... globally ... since 9/11. Even Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un won't mention WTC 7! Even Michael Moore won't mention WTC 7! Likewise, this book won't mention WTC 7! 

​Obviously, the neocons don't have the power to perpetrate a total global cover up, and yet, this book blames 9/11 on some rogue neocons and rogue elements of the Saudi government. However, even the entire US government and the entire Saudi government together don't have that kind of power. Such misdirection is almost as obvious as the absence of WTC 7. Blaming the neocons is also divisive, which generates conflict, and all conflict can be used to justify more of a police state.

As if this book were trying to maximize divisiveness and conflict, it then explains that Obama is one of the good guys, and that he was just duped by those bad neocons. It goes on to imply that it is only the actions of these neocons that are unconstitutional, which would mean that pretty much everything else the US government has done was constitutional. However, in reality, ​about 90% of what the US government does is unconstitutional. This book thereby tries to reinforce the illusion of legitimacy, without which, the perpetrators would be finished.

The book does reveal that the official story omits the fact that the hijackers performed aerial maneuvers that would have been impossible given only some training in Cessnas, and although this book is admitting that the official story cannot be true, it presents a complex and unverifiable alternative explanation which claims that the hijackers actually got significantly more training and that it was with the same model of plane that they would fly on 9/11. This additional training, which was supposedly done in America by rogue Saudis in collusion with rogue neocons, is the main premise of the book. However, conspicuously absent i​s ​any mention of ​remote control (e.g. a homing beacon in the towers), which is a more likely explanation because it would have been simpler and more reliable, but the book never says anything about remote control, which is thus another conspicuous misdirection.

​Here is a particularly incriminating paragraph from the book: 

I published a preliminary report (that was written to airline pilots in more technical terms) entitled False Flag 9/11: How Bush, Cheney and the Saudis Created the Post 9/11 World back in August of 2008 and sold the book through Amazon. Almost immediately there was a series of “reviews* from supposed readers that completely distorted  the book, claiming that the book was about some crazy missile theory or a controlled  demolition the WTC towers. Those theories popped up just after 9/11 and continue with something called the 9/11 Truth Movement. I suspect that this entire movement  was planted by the Special Activities as a “gray” operation. Once planted, we see people spewing bad information about all types of wild theories. It serves a purpose. For every second talking about how the buildings fell is a second that they are not talking about how planes actually got there or how the Saudi government supported the hijackers.

In this single paragraph, the book limits the perpetrators to rogue neocons, pretends WTC 7 does not exist, and dismisses all other 9/11 investigators as crazy and as controlled opposition!

Most 9/11 theories (including the official story) are indeed misdirection spread by controlled opposition, and this book is almost certainly part of that misdirection ... except ... there is one other possibility.

Consider how Philip Marshall conspicuously kept pushing the idea that elements on the right in the US and Saudi Arabia were the perpetrators, and that they somehow continue to dupe everyone else. He also briefly mentioned that the perpetrators include other rogue elements on the right in a few other countries too, such as Israel. This theme that rogue elements on the right did it and that everyone else is innocent has been very appealing to those on the left, which means they also now believe that the official story cannot be true.

Now consider how easy it would be for Philip Marshall to pretend that he had just discovered WTC 7 and that obviously even the entire American right could not have forced 100% of the global mainstream to cover up WTC 7. Not even the entire right in every country combined could maintain such a cover up.

​However, Philip Marshall himself will not be able to do anything more to lead those on the left to enlightenment because just before he could publish his next book, he was killed in his home along with his two children and his dog. The official story is that he perpetrated a murder-suicide.

As the left discovers WTC 7 on their own, many will eventually realize that the leaders of both parties must be working for whoever has been perpetrating the 100% global cover up of WTC 7. Perhaps that is what Philip Marshall intended.

Although The Big Bamboozle is controlled opposition when taken at face value, if Philip Marshall were really controlled opposition, then there would have been little reason to kill him.


  • Mark Allen says:

    I read the Big Bamboozle, and Philip gave multiple FBI reports numbers from FBI files where to find them. He describe how Bandar Bin Laden who is the Saudi secret service front man who paid for the 9/11 pilots who trained them on 757’s and 767’s,. And that the FBI was following these Saudi pilots until they were suddenly taken of two weeks before 911 by a FBI manager higher up the chain. This the same FBI official Bush forbid to testify to congress. Anyone with an IQ above the shoe size knows the Bin Laden family and Bush have multiple business arraignments. Philip gave his life to put out the truth an former President Chaney had him and his two children murdered. This book is filled with nothing back facts. If you want to know the truth. The Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels said ” If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

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