Captain America. Iron Man. Who’s the Fascist?

In the movie “Captain America: Civil War”, Tony Stark (Iron Man) is leading half of the Avengers to support a government demand that all Avengers bascially become government employees—kind of like Seal Team Six; whereas, Captain America is leading the other half to remain independent.

Apparently, a very large percentage of the audience (perhaps a majority) have gotten the central lesson completely backwards. They think Tony Stark is supporting democracy and freedom, and that Captain America is supporting fascism.

This same audience also misses the primary virtue of Captain America when they claim he is ungrateful for the powers the government gave him.

The correct analysis is that Tony Stark (Iron Man) is the fascist, and Captain America is the libertarian/anarchist. Tony stark is supporting a government monopoly on the right to initiate force; whereas, Captain America is volunteering to fight initiations of force at great personal risk to himself, which is exactly what he was already doing (less effectively) before he got his powers.

In superhero movies, the super heroes always have better ethics than a real government. Could you see The Avengers going into the Middle East and killing a bunch of Muslims because Israel wanted them to? Can you see them committing the bullying, genocide, and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians who are just trying to live their lives? Can you see them going to Epstein’s Island, or stealing donations from Haitians, or ignoring the slaughter of half of Rwanda by machete?

​Democracy is not freedom. Democracy is not even legitimate. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

However, we don’t even have democracy. The war in Afghanistan is one of many proofs that the American government does not work for the American people, but it’s even worse than that. We can also prove that the American government (and all governments) are subordinate to a globally dominant cabal.

Would anyone really want super heroes subordinate to one of these governments?

The mistake by much of the audience is based on a deep belief in The Illusion of Legitimacy. (Don’t feel bad, we were all there once.)


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Captain America. Iron Man. Who’s the Fascist? Who’s the anarchist? – anarchocapitalismadvantages - April 28, 2019

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