2007—First Candidate Comes Out As Progressive, 2015—First Candidate Comes Out As Socialist

In 2007 Hillary trumped the other candidates by coming out as a “progressive”, which was a bold and risky move because the term has such a badly tarnished history.

In the early 20th century, America’s elite proudly called themselves “progressives”, but by 1940, the atrocities perpetrated by American progressives, like Margaret Sanger, had so thoroughly discredited the progressive movement that few would openly identify as progressives. Then, after WWII, the USSR told the world about the horrors of Nazi eugenics programs, and given that Nazi eugenics were based on American progessivism, that was the end of the term “progressive” … until … Hillary Clinton resurrected the term in 2007-2009 by repeatedly calling herself a progressive modeled on Margaret Sanger, whom she greatly admired. Many Democrats followed Hillary’s lead and began calling themselves “progressives”.

In 2015 Bernie Sanders trumped Hillary by coming out as a “socialist” and as “not a capitalist”. In fact, Bernie did not deflect when Anderson Cooper said in the 10/13/2015 debate that Bernie was a “socialist” and “not a capitalist” and that he supported the murderous communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua and that he took his honeymoon in the USSR!

This was a bold and risky move because the term “socialist” was just as badly tarnished as the term “progressive” because all of those oppressive and murderous “communist” regimes are/were actually socialist because the Communist Manifesto is all about socialism, and it then briefly says at the end that eventually the socialist government will wither away and then there would be communism.

The resurrection of such badly tarnished labels is only possible because of establishment propaganda, which is only effective because of the millions suffering from arrested development and their breathtaking ignorance of history.


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