Progressives Push War – Media Provide Cover

The MSM are promoting the idea that the push for war in Syria is the work of Neocons, and John McCain in particular. I call bullshit. The role of John McCain and Neocons is minor news no one really cares about – nor should they. It is being used to avoid the more important players who are pushing for war in Syria, and thus

The MSM coverage of the push for war in Syria is fake news.

Who is John McCain? Is he the President or the Secretary of State? Does he have a radio or TV show? Does he have any kind of followers at all? Does his political career have any future at all? Is his party (Republican) primarily the one pushing for war in Syria? Is he known for his brilliance and usually being right and never being played?

“No” is the answer to all of these questions? The opposite is true? Then why are we talking about him?

McCain does happen to be on the psychopath side of the push for war in Syria – just like the President and the Secretary of State (both Democrats); whereas, mostly Republicans – especially Rand Paul and Tea Party Republicans – are on the healthy side of (they oppose) the push for war in Syria.

For example, the President and his Secretary of State were moving fast on Syria, and everyone knew America was within 24 hours of attacking Syria. He produced no compelling evidence and claimed he needed no Congressional approval. However, for the first time in history, the Internet let the people move quickly enough to stop war. Just as quickly as Obama was moving towards war, enough people began to doubt the evidence, saw counter evidence, and demanded UN and/or Congressional approval (which is required by the Constitution). The President very suddenly learned that the people were unusually opposed to his latest war and that the world was unusually opposed to his latest war. All of which empowered the Tea Party Republicans to threaten impeachment. Only then did Obama back down.

This is part of a pattern. For example, the President is also on the psychopath side of most issues, such as drones or the NSA spying on Americans; whereas, Republicans – especially Rand Paul and Tea Party Republicans are usually on the healthy side. Although is it the Libertarian Party who cares the most about freedom – by far, of the Democrat and Republicans, it is the Republicans who care more about freedom.

Neocons are Republicans, and they are indeed pushing for war in Syria, but Neocons are Republican progressives.

Looking at everyone’s actions and applying a little independent thought, anyone can conclude the following …

Progressives are those who believe that government rightly has the power to implement any good idea. Progressives are interventionists – both domestically and overseas – they just can’t mind their own biusiness. Progressives control the media, the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party. Republican progressives are called Neocons. Neocons want big government as much as Democrats. Neocons are the leadership of the Republican party. The Tea Party are challengers to their leadership. Neocons, Democrats, and the media hate the Tea Party. Just like progressives in the Democratic Party, Neocons like war and are huge supporters of Israel. Democrats actually believe war helps the economy because progressives believe that all government spending helps the economy.

We know why the MSM prefers to talk about the psychopathology of McCain instead of the psychopathology of the President. In the recent past, they were afraid to bust the Myth of Obama, but the Myth of Obama has already been busted. Now they are just in denial.

Eventually, some day, maybe the MSM will apologize for creating the Myth of Obama in the first place.


  • What's wrong with using drones?
    Obviously getting into war is usually wrong, but if that stupid mistake was already made, then drones are the way to mitigate it so less soldiers would die.
    Wouldn't you agree?

  • Anonymous says:

    MSM will not apologize. They will move on to the next new thing in BS. There is no progress. The Greater Stupidity wins eventually. Be glad to be pavement for superior feet.

  • Jim says:

    The sociopath side of the drone issue is that the Obama administration uses drones to assassinate people, including Americans, in other countries, and claims the right to assassinate Americans in America too. They also claim the right to do this without any approval by any other party. If they ever did seek approval, it would only be from a secret court. They are judge, jury, and executioner. They are unaccountable and above the law.

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