Never Hillary

This is a message to those thinking about voting for Hillary.

Under a President Hillary Clinton, two specific inevitabilities will hit everyone hard:

1) Young men will be drafted for a war. Do you know any young men or boys? How will you explain your vote for Hillary to them?

2) Any Hillary appointee who fills the Supreme Court seat left empty by the very suspicious death of Scalia will be the fifth vote to disarm the people, and will thus flip the former 5-4 majority against civil war to a 5-4 majority for civil war. Anywhere from 10,000 to 10,000,000 will die. Then how will you explain your vote for Hillary?

It may not be personal to most Americans, but hundreds of thousands of innocent people will die in other countries – as happened under Bush and as happened under Obama.

These are not certainties under other candidates.

Some general Hillary induced malaise will be:

  • You will be lied to – a lot.
  • The economy will continue to languish – just like under Obama and Bush – ever since the crash at the end of the Bill Clinton administration.
  • You will have to hear about scandal after scandal where the Clintons turn out to be above the law.
  • You will almost certainly witness an expansion of the policies of Obama, which were themselves an expansion of the policies of Bush.
  • Did I mention you will be lied to … a lot?

How will you live with yourself if you voted for Hillary?