The Don’t Vote Psyop

Many who refuse to vote have been played by the Don’t Vote Psyop.

Consider that I vote even though I don’t need any rulers, which makes me a kind of anarchist – an anarchist who votes – but only for candidates who might effect a net gain in freedom, reality, and quality of life.

I know that democracy is illegitimate.

I know that the Constitution either authorizes the government we have, or has been unable to prevent it.

I know that one vote cannot make a difference.

I know all of this, and still I vote.

I know that the system is rigged so that it has become nearly impossible for good candidates to win or to effect change if they do win.

I know that government schools, mainstream churches, crony corporations, the entire mainstream media, most of the “alternative” media, millions of individuals who depend on government, and millions of other useful idiots …
will fabricate …
will prevent debate …
to prevent good candidates from winning …
to prevent them from effecting change if they do win …
and to prevent them from existing in the first place …
just as there were no capitalist candidates in the USSR.

I know that most good people, at any point, can be turned with bribes and threats.

I know that any good person who is about to effect change, and who cannot be turned, will be killed.

I know all of this, and still I vote.

I know that the perpetrators (the enemies of humanity) and their useful idiots will spout the logical fallacy that if I vote, then I support the system, but of course, it is possible to vote and not support the system – I do it all the time.

Those at the top are just trying to bully me into not voting. Naturally, if you are awake, then they don’t want you to vote, which is why they spread the logically fallacious meme that voting is acceptance of the system. I call this the Don’t Vote Psyop.

I know that the Don’t Vote Psyop makes my vote even less effective, but still I vote.

Most of the people don’t know any of the things I know, but they do know that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” When violent revolution comes, the media will spin it as how so-called rebels chose to fight rather than vote, and they will thus succeed in making those who refused to vote be unfairly viewed as the scourge of humanity. Then, it will be even more difficult to educate others – to put it mildly.

There are other reasons to vote.

Consider that one can write in any name for President. Now consider that if there are no other candidates in any other races who might be a net gain, then not voting for them would make it clear that someone who voted rejected all of those other candidates. That is worth saying. Also, imagine that universally accepted good guy James Corbett (among those who refuse to vote) received one write-in vote. Now imagine that he received one million write-in votes. That would send a message that is worth the effort of saying it.

Sometimes, the correct decision is actually voting for the lesser of two evils, but only if they were even in an accurate poll, and only if there were no third candidate who had any chance of winning. For example, suppose you had access to the results of an accurate poll of every voter in your state, and suppose that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton got the exact same number of votes in that poll. Now suppose you believed that Donald Trump was clearly the lesser of two evils, and was thus clearly a net gain over Hillary, but you used your weapon (your vote) to vote third party, or suppose you didn’t use you weapon at all, and then Hillary won your state by one vote … and suppose winning your state caused Hillary to win the Presidency …  That would make you a pretty douchy person. You would know it, and everyone you know would know it. You would never live it down.

To be clear, voting is the least effective thing I do. It is far more valuable to educate myself and others, but that is also far more time consuming and expensive. I wouldn’t vote if it cost me any more time, money, or other trouble, and I wouldn’t vote if there were no candidates who might effect a net gain. Nor would I fight for the right to vote in such a corrupt. anti-human. illegitimate system because voting is so ineffective, and especially because voting is how the rulers make the people believe that they are free and that their rulers are legitimate. Harriet Tubman said, “I freed a thousand slaves, and I could have freed a thousand more … if only they had known they were slaves.”

Finally, your act of voting will generate good will from others; whereas, not voting is a slap in the face to others. Voting signals to others that you are responsible and peaceful, and it is even an opportunity to educate those at the ballot box who will be more engaged than at any other time.

Anyone who falls for the Don’t Vote Psyop has been played.