Why Globalists Want Texas to Secede

Suppose the President were a globalist and thus wanted global government, a global monopoly on the power to print money out of thin air, control over who gets what healthcare, control over what is taught in schools, recording of all phone calls and emails, no small farms, no self sufficiency, maximum dependence on government, mandatory treatments, and no guns in the hands of the people. There would be global peace because everyone would be obedient and know their place. Such a future is what globalists refer to as The New World Order.

If the President were such a globalist, then he would naturally be apoplectic at the thought of secession by a big and powerful anti-globalist state like Texas … right? … but nothing could be further from the truth.

Just as the globalists in Seattle outvote the individualists in the rest of Washington state; in the absence of Texas, the globalist pockets throughout the US would outvote the individualists in the rest of the US.

Whereas armed Americans now stand alone against the New World Order; without Texas, the rest of America would soon be disarmed; and then it would just be armed Texans who stood alone against the New World Order.

Then once the rest of the world were firmly under the New World Order, the entire world could simply invade Texas under the pretense of an invitation from some putatively “oppressed” minority, which would both motivate the world while demoralizing Texans – just as prescribed by Machiavelli.


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