Obama is a Reneger

In spite of unprecedented majorities in the House and Senate, and in spite of unprecedented media support, Obama has reneged on his promises.

He promised us that he was post partisan.
He promised us that he was post racial.

He promised transparency.
He promised the most transparency ever.
Did I mention he promised transparency?

He promised fairness.
He promised no lobbyists or donors in his administration.
He promised to end earmarks.

He promised to quit smoking.

He promised to fix health care.
He promised to not make us buy health insurance.
He promised to make health insurance more affordable.
He promised Obamacare would make insurance go down $2500.
He promised we could keep our existing health insurance.

He promised to fix immigration.
He promised to get out of Iraq in 2009.
He promised to close Guantanamo.
He promised to end the Patriot Act.
He promised to end rendition and torture.
He promised to never detain Americans indefinitely.
He promised to never execute Americans without a trial.

He promised to make the world like America again.

He promised he wouldn’t lose America’s AAA rating.
He promised to cut the deficit in half.
He promised not to raise the debt limit.
He promised to not let unemployment go above 8%.
He promised to not fudge how unemployment is calculated.
He promised to end crony capitalism.
He promised to stop foreclosures.
He promised to create 5 million new energy sector jobs.
He promised to stop cheating small businesses.
He promised there would be 2 million fewer in poverty.
(There are many more in poverty than before.)
He promised Detroit would not go bankrupt.

He promised to not raise our taxes.
He promised to raise taxes on the wealthy (which would be bad).
He promised to end NAFTA (not sure if that would be bad).
He promised to redistribute the wealth (which would be bad).
He promised to stop global warming (which isn’t real).

Obama and his posse are disturbingly similar to Reneger Bush, but now it is Obama who is the Head Reneger In Charge.

I should call the White House and talk that crazy reneger right now. I would say:

“Reneger, Please!”
He would say, “Come on Jimmy, give this reneger a break.”
I would say,
“Reneger be trippin.”
”Why, you lazy renegers haven’t changed anything.”

That lyin reneger still blames everything on Reneger Bush.

Promise me you won’t vote for Obama again.

Don’t renege.

The American people learned our lesson. This is the last time we let Oprah pick the Head Reneger in Charge.

Next time …

Lady Gaga will pick the Head Reneger in Charge.

But don’t count Obama out yet.

Obama has one trick left.

Obama is going to jump over a shark on water skis. Then, even his strongest supporters will have to agree that Obama has jumped the shark.

Can we Obama skeptics say all that?

Yes, we can!

There is no truth to the rumor that I am trying to expose those haters who love to label others a closet racist. First of all, if this is racist, then it’s not in the closet. It’s right out there. Second, I first got a stamp of approval from a genuine black man. Just make sure you pronounce it right he says – after he stopped laughing.


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Dennis Gorelik - March 15, 2011

Is Obama still smoking?

Jim - March 19, 2011

Obama still smoking? Don't be silly. Obama quit smoking – many times in fact.


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