Pity the Tea Partiers

Any fair person of any political persuasion must surely pity the Tea Partiers.


Regardless of how many people show up at the Tea Parties, they are consistently described by the MSM (Mainstream Media) as too few to be relevant. For example, the health care bill being voted on in the House of Representatives today (March 21, 2010) has not had sufficient support in Congress to pass during the last few months, and the result today will likely be determined by a single vote. Therefore, both sides have every incentive to present their most effective show of support—or protest, and yet the side with 90% of the people was declared irrelevant by the MSM.


The haters known as the MSM routinely describe the Tea Partiers as not only irrelevant, but also as racists and homophobes; whereas, I have attended four Tea Parties, and based on my first hand observations, there has not been a single racist or homophobic comment.

The reason the MSM label Tea Partiers as racist is because, just like all progressives, the progressives who dominate the MSM consistently label anyone who disagrees with them as a “racist”. Let’s not get sidetracked, but do consider that because progressives make so many frivolous accusations of racism that we know they do not think racism is a serious thing—which means that it is progressives themselves who are racist.

The only reason Nazis or white supremacists might occasionally show up at a Tea Party is therefore because the media are telling them that they are supposed to be there. (I’m pretty sure that journalists are not supposed to create the news.) Any other Nazis or white supremacists are simply agents provocateur. Of course, if the media were honest, they would explain that anyone who is a Nazi or white supremacist is simply not a Tea Partier.

I am writing this because the media have recently amplified their accusations of racism and their attacks on the Tea Parties because the media are promoting the heath care bill; whereas, given how the Tea Parties are all about small government and individual liberty, the Tea Parties naturally oppose the health care bill. Tea Partiers simply agree with Abraham Lincoln that no man has a right to the fruits of another man’s labor, and that a right to healthcare is thus tantamount to a kind of slavery.

To be fair, even without media bias, Tea Party opposition to the health care bill might also attract an unwelcome racist because a net effect of the health care bill is a redistribution of wealth from white people to African Americans and Hispanics. However, Tea Partiers don’t care about the color of people on each side of a redistribution of wealth. It is only the progressive critics of the Tea Parties who talk about the color of the people on each side of a redistribution of wealth.

Another reason the hateful MSM routinely calls Tea Partiers racist is because they criticize Obama, but consider that Obama is not the main target of Tea Party signs or conversation—in spite of the objective fact that he is the President while our quality of life is falling and that his job approval among likely voters is 43%. That means Tea Partiers are making a conscious effort to not make it about Obama.

Tea Baggers?

How many Tea Partiers call themselves tea baggers? — ZERO.

How many of the hateful media elites call the Tea Partiers tea baggers? — 100%.

Anderson Cooper was probably the first media elite to call the Tea Partiers “tea baggers” when he explained that they might have trouble finding their voice because, “It’s hard to talk when you’re tea bagging.”


The media elite and the Democratic Party elite claim the Tea Parties are “Astroturf” and not a real grassroots movement, but consider that the Tea Parties have no leader, no money, and are unique and separate in every town. For example, Sarah Palin is NOT a Tea Party leader, and not even 5% of Tea Partiers would pay anything to hear her talk.


  • I can't believe that I haven't found this blog until today. This is an excellent breakdown of the Tea Party, and the hate (fear?) that causes it to be so maligned on the left. Well done.

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