Save the Black Community – Save America

There is only one viable solution to saving the black community, and
After it saves the black community, it will save America, and
After it saves America, it will save the world.

The solution is Freedom of Education.

The modern self-perpetuating cycle of government dependency in the black community began with poverty.

Poverty leads to divisive propaganda.
Divisive propaganda leads to government assistance.
Government assistance leads to government dependence.
Government dependency leads to fear.
Fear leads to cheating.
Cheating leads to poverty.

It is a self reinforcing downward spiral, but the government keeps redistributing just enough wealth to maintain the status quo.

How is it that progressives actively champion the status quo?

How is it that the government that wants to empower the little guy, also wants to make the little guy dependent on government?

How can the leaders of the party of choice be the ones most violently opposed to education choice?

How is it that the progressive mainstream media only report solutions that offer more government dependence and more government spending?

How is it the same in every progressive country?

How is educational freedom even more scarce in America than in some other countries?

Many solutions could work, but of the solutions that would work, there is only one that will both appeal to those living in dependency and fear, and which will withstand any counter attack by the Democrats and Republicans. Even libertarians will see it as a big step forward.

The solution is amazingly simple:

Close government schools, and give each set of parents absolute power over the educational dollars spent on their children.

New Jersey spends $17,000 per child per year! Imagine if a single mother of three were free to direct the spending of that $51,000 per year on her children’s education! Every business in America and thousands of new businesses would spring up over night to meet the demand.

Imagine how many poor parents would take on the job of educating their own children for $51,000 per year. How many more would also educate their neighbors children? Imagine how many poor black parents would be turning off the TV and educating themselves so that they could educate their own children.

Of course, giving each set of parents absolute power over the educational dollars spent on their children would lead to much cheating because that’s what happens when people spend money they did not earn. Therefore, after eliminating about a million pages of regulation, we would add one very simple regulatory mechanism to minimize cheating.

Replace all government regulation with the simple requirement that anyone who receives educational dollars must publish that information (including the source) – much like how political campaigns publish donors now, and any part of the subsidy that a set of parents did not spend on education will be deducted from their subsidy the next year.

Our one education regulation would create transparency, which would lead to peer pressure to spend the money wisely.

Greater freedom of education would have worked 50 years ago, but with PCs and the Internet, it would be so much more effective today. In fact, wouldn’t we have gotten the current Internet sooner if we had gone down this free market path instead of taking the communist path?

Our current system is a communist system. It is provided by government employees in government buildings. It takes from each according to his ability, and it redistributes the money equally. It pays teachers equally, and is controlled by the unions. It is uniform across the country, and it even indoctrinates our children. Our current system is a communist system.

Can you think of any other product or service, public or private, that has experienced no improvement for 50 years while growing exponentially in cost? Even the Post Office does better!

A free market system would evolve rapidly. Millions of lessons would soon be available online. The best teachers would reach hundreds of millions of students, and be paid like CEOs. The best and the brightest among us would become teachers overnight. Fewer dollars would buy better quality each year, just like with computers and other products. Educational software would improve exponentially.

The free market would make education fun. Instead of being taught to conform, kids would be taught to think outside of the box. The dark ages of education would be over.

Suppose so-called progressives (who champion the status quo) tried to say that they know better than the children’s parents, or that they care more than the parents? Progressives just couldn’t get a majority behind this argument and they would infuriate their political base in the black community.

Suppose neocons (Republican progressives) tried to block it by claiming that it only benefits black people. They would risk generating the demand that it be applied to all Americans, which they don’t want any more than the progressives in the Democratic Party.

Suppose progressives insisted that parent’s could only buy education from unionized companies. They would not only fail, but they would lose many elections with such a transparent violation of the public trust.

Suppose neocons tried to regulate this solution so that education would be provided primarily by companies like Halliburton. They would not only fail, but they would lose many elections with such a transparent violation of the public trust.

This solution is even simpler than vouchers or charter schools because the government doesn’t have to do ANYTHING – except write the checks.

The reason we must also close government schools is because government cheats. Governments would just subsidize their own schools, and they would create regulations to punish free market solutions. We know this because they are doing it right now.

Every problem which the black community worries about: poverty, racism, crime, police – all of it – would vanish within 20 years. No one has more to gain than the black community. Anyone who opposes it is a poser or a sell-out. A few might even be racists.

Parents in the black community should demand that they be allowed absolute control over any educational dollars spent on their children.

After black parents successfully got educational freedom, white parents would demand it, and then the parents in other countries would demand it.

Freedom of Education would be the dawn of a golden age for all humanity.


  • erne lewis says:

    No one should be forced to provide schooling for another persons child. Other than that, while I love the free market idea the weak link with your proposal would be that government writes the checks and will impose standards as it does with charter schools and will employ vast numbers to set standards and check that they are being followed.

  • Jim says:

    As I explained, government must not impose standards.

    Government checks would be a subsidy. Parents could spend more than the subsidy.

    It is true that no man has a right to the fruits of another man's labor, and thus, each year, the subsidy should be reduced until it is zero after 20 or 30 years.

  • As a bachelor I resent paying for other people's children. Yes, I got a free education, but I paid society back many times over. Why do people with lots of children think others must subsidize them? Especially when contraception is readily available today… People should be responsible for their own choices and pay for them. As my friend once said, "If you want to play adult games, you have to pay adult prices."

    On the other hand, I like living in a society where most people are educated. Having educated countrymen makes me stronger too. I fear that some parents would not educate their children well if left entirely to their own devices. Therefore, it is in my own self-interest to pay some taxes to ensure education takes place, even as I wish people with children were made more directly responsible for the consequences of their choices.

    I agree with you that less governmental control could improve many children's education.

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