No One Beats Al Qaeda

The US has tried for years to beat Al Qaeda, but now, after Americans have given up much freedom to central government and borrowed trillions of dollars from central banks, there is more terrorism than ever before. Nevertheless, don’t blame the FBI or the CIA, or Bush or Obama. There is no shame in being beaten by the best.

Al Qaeda must be at least a generation ahead of the US—both strategically and technologically.

In fact, the only weakness of Al Qaeda is that they keep leaving their passports at the crime scene, but consider that their passports are indestructible. America simply doesn’t have the technology yet to make indestructible passports, so clearly, those Al Qaeda scientists in those caves in Afghanistan are at least a generation ahead of the US.

Al Qaeda passports are so tough that they were found on the street after the towers collapsed—unscathed. Maybe this doesn’t sound as scary as it should … until one considers that none of the four black boxes were recovered from the towers.  So, America’s most indestructible technology (black boxes) were vaporized under conditions where Al Qaeda passports survived—unscathed. It’s not that American black boxes are crap either (they have never been completely destroyed before); it’s that Al Qaeda technology is just that good.

What other possible explanation could there be? It’s almost as if …

See what I mean about strategic brilliance? Al Qaeda almost tricked me into considering whether 9/11 could be an inside job, and whether those Al Qaeda scientists in those Afghan caves are not really a generation ahead of the US, but an inside job is clearly impossible because the CIA is not allowed to operate inside the US.

The evidence for Al Qaeda superiority is overwhelming. Consider that Al Qaeda knocked down three towers with only two planes! No one else could have done that!

Two planes hit two towers, and then a third tower (WTC7) collapsed a few hours later. The NIST explained a few years later that it was an ordinary office fire that resulted in what everyone says looks exactly like a controlled demolition, but how did Al Qaeda know that WTC 7 was the only building in the world that would collapse exactly like a controlled demolition as a result of an ordinary office fire? What’s more, they somehow tricked both the owner, Larry Silverstein, and John Kerry too, into claiming that we brought WTC 7 down as a controlled demolition because it was badly damaged, but how did they trick America’s best into confessing to a conspiracy that never happened? Clearly, they even have some kind of mind control.

I could go on for pages and pages, but there is one hope—Israel. Israel may lag behind Al Qaeda scientists in those Afghan caves, but their strategic brilliance may be as advanced as that of Al Qaeda, so America’s best bet is to give Israel all of our technology, and to borrow trillions more give it to Israel.

Unfortunately, Al Qaeda already thought of this, and may have successfully neutralized Israel when it tricked several Mossad agents into setting up cameras ahead of time on 9/11 and dancing with joy when the towers collapsed. Even if Al Qaeda’s preemptive move has made it politically impossible to give everything to Israel, at least 9/11 has made Israel our strongest ally, and has made Israel far more important than before 9/11 …


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  • Thank you for your article. You have a real gift for expressing the frustration i hope everyone is feeling. Hopefully it will help more people to wake up to Big Lie. You have given me inspiration to keep hoping this madness will end.Respectfully,sincerely and with awe of your writing skills….man i wish i could write and express myself like you! Thanx!

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