Las Vegas Shooting Must Involve Spooks

Before the Las Vegas shooting, for each such large outdoor gathering around the world in the last 50 years, there must have been about 100 million individuals who, with little skill and resources, could have fired hundreds of bullets into the crowd from a great distance, and yet, it never happened. If there were one billion such events, then that means out of 100 quadrillion such opportunities … it never happened. In other words, people just don’t do that. Even terrorists just don’t do that. Clearly, there is less than a 1% chance this happened without spooks involved, which means there is greater than a 99% chance that spooks were involved.

One of the thousands of possibilities is that a spook doctor told him that he only had 6 months to live, and then his handler gave him the idea and materials to be a hero of the Democrats by taking out some Trump supporters using every kind of gun they want to ban. His handler probably would not have further explained to him that the event itself would not get guns banned, but that the conflict resulting when Trump supporters fought back … would be used to justify why the people can’t be trusted with guns. Nah, he still wouldn’t have done it. It is more likely they just put him and the guns in the room, killed him, and then did the job themselves.


  • Reed says:

    Perhaps this event was a psychological operation?


    Perhaps there was a delay between machine gun fire burst because the perpetrators were gathering data on how the collective would react under lethal duress ? Look at some of the men who were on the floor standing so ‘bravely’ with their cell phones out recording the people but not scanning the entire area for potential shooters .

    I perceive these individuals as government agents working covertly to gather data on what the collective do under intense psychological duress

  • Lea says:

    I think it was (yes, along with spook matters we can’t know the full truth about) an obvious test to make sure the media can still pull false flags on the public, and still controls the Overton window of allowable “facts.” Together with the NFL nonsense, which proves we’re bound tighter than ever to the left-right paradigm, it’s really hard not to feel despair.

  • Awake says:

    This is a good theory until you started making Trump supporters (stupid goons aka) the victims. This had nothing to do with partisan petty politics. This was a government psyops and they will try to blame ISIS which I suppose is correct since the CIA/Mossad are in control of ISIS.

    • Jim says:

      The perpetrators are indeed separate from partisan politics, but the patsy was not. As I explained, they could have used his petty partisan leanings to manipulate him, which could then indirectly use the petty partisan leanings of Trump supporters to manipulate them. In fact, they are the ones who create much of all partisan conflict, just as they created radical Islam. Everyone is being played — much as they are playing you, which anyone can see given your description of Trump supporters as “stupid goons”. Consider that all conflict can be used as a pretext to justify more of a police state.

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