Scalia’s Murder Leads to Civil War

With Scalia’s murder, the 5-4 majority against civil war is about to flip. (Scalia was murdered, or else there would have been no need for a cover up.)

With Scalia’s murder, Obama’s next appointment to the US Supreme Court will create the first majority of activist judges who would vote to disarm the American people in violation of the Constitution. Such an aggression against the American people would inevitably be the cause of civil war.

Anyone who doubts Obama’s intentions or the meaning of the Constitution should read:

Obama has always wanted our guns.

The Meaning of the US Constitution.

Anyone who doubts the spiritual implications should read:

Jesus Confronts an American Believer

In the eternal war of the Soul Of Humanity vs. the Soul of Animals, America is the last stand. Should America lose, the global police state would last for 1000 years until it crumbled from within, but there would be no rebirth. The Soul of Humanity will have been exterminated from the human genome.


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Rebe - November 24, 2017

The links for Soul of Humanity and Soul of Animals seems to be missing. Would love to know where you are going with this. Love your comments, Future Jim, on zerohedge

    Jim - November 24, 2017

    Thanks! I fixed the links. These are the only ones I have encountered that did not migrate successfully from my old site.


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