Rediscovered Tyranny: American Purge of 1940

One might think that the modern purge (e.g. shadow banning) of those who contradict the mainstream narrative (or one of the controlled opposition narratives) is a new thing in America, but around 1940 the FDR administration and its allies (Zionists and British intelligence) effectively blackballed the most reputable people in America who advocated against war.

Most went from fame and respect to permanent obscurity, and thus, in spite of 80% opposition to war, America went to war. Many were liberals who had slowly become disillusioned with FDR’s failed economic policies, corruption, and proclivity for war. Such tyranny had been almost entirely scrubbed from history, but was recently rediscovered.

Even the Republican nominee was an operation to install an obscure pro-war candidate so that FDR would be guaranteed a third term without having to take a strong anti-war stance.