Pity Obama

Any fair person of any political persuasion must surely pity Obama.

Confused and Betrayed

Obama doesn’t understand why more people haven’t come over to his way of seeing things.

Obama doesn’t understand how he won the election, and how he subsequently lost much of his original support. His job approval among likely voters was 43% yesterday (March 20, 2010).

Obama doesn’t understand how the media could turn against him so easily and so soon. Nor does he understand that in spite of a decrease in media support, he still has more support from the media than all other Presidents at any point in their political careers.

Obama doesn’t understand why his economic policies are not working.

Not only did Obama’s party not let him keep his 8 promises to air all of the health care negotiations on C-Span, but they wouldn’t let him air ANY of it.

Obama thought he could quickly close Guantanamo, and get out of Iraq.

Set up to Fail

Consider that Obama went to the very politically correct Harvard Law School where he was LOVED by EVERYONE – where he was able to persuade EVERYONE to see things his way.

Consider that he attended the church of ultra politically correct pastors Jeremiah Wright and Father Pfleger.

He worked with the uber politically correct Acorn, Bill Ayers, the media elite, and the Democratic Party elite, who basically decided that he was not only the most brilliant, creative, persuasive, and noble Democrat, but that he was – The One.

He lived in Chicago, where the Democratic Party machine had long ruled without serious competition.

During his Presidential Campaign, members of the putatively objective “news” organizations covered for him, made excuses for him, attacked his critics, buried evidence, and some even experienced orgasms when he spoke.

Given the overwhelmingly positive nature of his environment, no one could have ever won an argument against Obama. Now consider that Obama’s environment included people of all color, all backgrounds, and all levels of wealth and education.

How could Obama have had the background to notice that he lived in a very biased and insulated world that had filtered out anyone who disagreed? How could Obama have had the independence to resist the conclusion that he really was – The One. How could Obama come to any conclusion other than the infallibility of the party that anointed him?

True Believer

Obama is neither the compulsive liar nor the sellout that is Bill Clinton. Obama is a true believer, which is not apparent to many people because Obama is so inconsistent, but Obama doesn’t know that he is inconsistent.

Obama is so inconsistent because he a is a true believer, not in socialism, but in the Democratic Party (not that socialism is consistent, but it is more consistent than the Democratic Party).

Only now is Obama beginning to be exposed for the first time (but just a little) to the fact that a majority of Americans disagree with him, and not because they are the small-town racists he thought they were, but because their life experiences, their respect for the Constitution, and their principles of freedom, tolerance, equality under the law, the rule of law, etc. contradict what he is selling.

Obama probably knows more about the Constitution than 95% of Americans, and yet his understanding of what it means is mostly wrong, and thus many less educated small town Americans have a more fundamentally correct understanding of the of the spirit of the Constitution than Obama.

Poor Obama.


  • Anonymous says:

    NO PITY HERE. Hussein Obama does NOT care about succeeding when it comes to making America strong. His goal is to obliterate America. He is no innocent … he is a puppet.

  • Jim says:

    Obama is indeed a puppet for the elites who manage innovation and who want to take down the American people as soon as possible. Maybe he did know that in the beginning and is just disappointed that he could not enjoy the illusion a little longer.

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