The Great Reset – The New Dollar

The Internet is increasingly abuzz with talk of A Great Reset, but there is a lot of disagreement about the details. Some of the more common themes are the likelihood of hyperinflation, default on the government debt, confiscation of retirement accounts, economic collapse, civil war, world war, and the subsequent rise of police states under a global government, which according to some, is the the goal of a great reset. An equally prevalent but less likely scenario is a prolonged period that sets technology back over 100 years.

While such events have happened throughout history, they are never the most probable near future – until they are already happening. Nevertheless, these predictions are more credible than the mainstream media are willing to admit.

If we think for ourselves, we can see that the US government is incapable of controlling its borrowing and printing of money, that it is increasingly taking an interventionist approach to individuals, business, and other countries, and that it is indeed becoming more of a police state. It is a little harder to see, but the evidence is now sufficient to validate how the US government is trying to provoke armed conflict with the people to justify even more of a police state.

The common recommendations are to buy gold, guns, and farm land, and then ride it out. Almost as prevalent is the recommendation to do the same in a foreign country as a backup. Of course, most people can’t do any of this. Nor would such an individual strategy prevent any of the predicted dystopian futures anyway.

That pretty much sums up The Great Reset.

Now let’s think for ourselves:

Everyone is getting deeper into debt, and hyperinflation seems almost inevitable, but if there were hyperinflation, then all of those debts could be paid back with a day’s wages, so obviously that would not be allowed to happen, which leaves one option. All debts would be recalculated in the New Dollars. Existing dollars would become illegal, and thus worthless, except that they could be traded in for the New Dollars – at an unfair exchange rate. Of course, the usual exceptions would be made to benefit the usual cronies.


  • Anonymous says:

    "Existing dollars would become illegal, and thus worthless, except that they could be traded in for the New Dollars – at an unfair exchange rate"

    This is the exact reason to exchange your paper fiat dollars for gold/silver. Don't worry about the price. You're exchanging what may become worthless currency for a universal money. First things first; get out of debt!

  • Anonymous says:

    There will be no New Dollar, the existing ones just will lose their value.

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