The Freer The Market—The Freer the Masters?

A succinct statement of the currently dominant leftist argument against free markets is this: “The Freer The Market—The Freer the Masters.”

However, that’s exactly what “the masters” want you to think. They control the government, so they want you to empower government and to be as dependent on government (them) as possible.

Always be suspicious when the solution to government is more government.

They want you to stay inside the box where there are only two alternatives: embrace inequality or enforce equal outcomes. However, this is a false dilemma. There are more than two choices. There is more than one variable.

Cronyism is another critical variable.

If everyone were free to invent, produce, and distribute any product or service—including money, then how could a company, such as Microsoft, keep a lid on that? Would they send Luigi over to break you legs if you don’t buy Windows 10? No. You would be free, so you would be well armed, and so would your neighbors. Microsoft needs the government’s guns and corrupt politicians. Microsoft needs government to create and enforce the kind of regulations, tax breaks, and lawsuits that create barriers to entry that neutralize competitors and honest people. We should assume that favored companies can even get the CIA to steal secrets from their competitors, provide access to classified data and secret patents, and sabotage competitors. The CIA even provides money to favored companies. We should assume the only thing holding them back is their fear of piercing the Illusion of Legitimacy, without which, they would be finished.

Pharmaceutical companies are another example. Without such government favoritism, new companies would arise whose strategy would be to create cures instead of lifelong treatments because then customers would pay anything for the cures and would hate the existing companies and love the new companies.

The media is another example.

Of course, one instinctively knows that if we had sudden freedom, the “masters” have already acquired such a firm grip on power through their control of government that they might be able to perpetuate the existing system and make it much worse in the short term before the tide started to turn against them.

They are not omnipotent though, or they wouldn’t still have to hide in the shadows. If we can wake enough people to the true nature of government, the true level of conspiracy, and the illusion of legitimacy, then we might have a chance, but as it stands now, they have already won and are just consolidating power by getting more people to give up more power to government.

The only way they could be safe would be to perpetrate eugenics programs, such as purges of anyone whose genetic programming makes them less likely to conform. Many leftist countries, like the USSR and China, have already made a great leap forward in this regard. That must have been what Mao really meant by “great leap forward”.


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