Jim Fetzer

By the end of 2015, I had already concluded that Alex Jones was controlled opposition (had always suspected it), and since the beginning of 2016, nearly every alternative investigator/leader who had some credibility with me, had begun to sometimes behave like controlled opposition. Also, new alternative investigators/leaders arose, and those all behaved like controlled opposition too. In addition to leaders, I also began to encounter ordinary individuals who acted like agents provocateur.

I do not intend to devote much effort to outing controlled opposition and agents provocateur, but I will occasionally document my personal observations for the benefit of other grassroots investigators.

I am beginning this log of suspicious behavior by Jim Fetzer because I just observed a recent statement that is by itself so suspicious that I would not trust anything else he has said.

On 12/27/2017, in an interview with Brian Ruhe, Jim Fetzer claimed that Paul Craig Roberts was “our nation’s leading public intellectual”. Given how I had already outed Paul Craig Roberts, such a statement was just as shocking to me as if Jim Fetzer, a prominent conspiracy investigator,  had claimed that Obama was “our nation’s leading public intellectual”.

Jim Fetzer made this statement at 17:37 in the YouTube video entitled “New Las Vegas Shooting Update with Jim Fetzer. It was a movie!” After Jim outed himself, I didn’t waste any more time on that video.


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