Jake Morphonios Sells Out

TLDR: In this video, Jake promotes the mainstream narrative on Sandy Hook, and dishonestly bashes anyone who is skeptical of it. He repeatedly implies that all skepticism is caused by ​Alex Jones, and that all skeptics believe no children died. He says that criticism of individuals based on plausible reasons is not free speech, and he thereby implies that such criticism must be proven true before one can be allowed to speak.

Before you watch the video, be warned that it is very cringe-worthy—especially to intelligent, well-informed skeptics who know how the world really works, but it is probably pretty cringe-worthy to everyone else as well.

The pretense for Jake's 71-minutes of invective is that there are (according to the mainstream media) some people harassing the Sandy hook families (which of course no one should ever do). It is a pretense for several reasons: 1) It is a pretense because concern for the Sandy Hook families is about 1% of the content, but it is used as an excuse for the entire video, which is a much broader attack on Sandy Hook skeptics and conspiracy investigators in general (e.g. Jake's audience). 2) It is a pretense because the kind of supposedly ubiquitous person he attacks does not describe a single one of the thousands of Sandy hook skeptics (or more general conspiracy investigators) that I have ever met, so such a broad attack is extremely dishonest. 3) It is a pretense because he does not substantiate any of this pretense, and he just accepts the establishment narrative as if he has never heard of COINTELPRO. 4) It is a pretense because the entire video is insincere, which is self-evident because it primarily relies on dozens of logical fallacies (i.e. hasty generalizations, false dilemmas, straw man fallacies, ad hominems, etc.)

5) Perhaps most obvious: Concern for the Sandy Hook families is a pretense because the title is not "Alex Jones Incites Some To Harass Sandy Hook Families". The title is "Conspiracy Theorists & the Dunning Kruger Effect".

The Dunning Kruger Effect is a smear tactic that claims anyone who does not accept the official story must be so stupid that they falsely believe they are smarter than the experts. This is just one more example of the kind of mean spirited bullying from Jake that has people upset about this video.

​Jake used the term "conspiracy theorist" as a sweeping pejorative dozens of times, but I have NEVER done that, and in the thousands of examples of such uses that I have seen, I have NEVER seen that done by an honest person who knows as much about real conspiracies as Jake knows ... because an honest well-informed person never WOULD do that ... because that would be extremely disrespectful to the many unsung heroes, whistleblowers, etc, who are trying to help everyone in spite of great duress from the establishment, so it would feel really wrong to any honest person who knows how the world really works to heap on more duress. Such behavior by Jake is thus beyond cringe-inducing douchebaggery. It is the behavior of someone who is not what he claims to be.

I made a few arguments in the comments, which prompted Jake to permanently shadowban me. ​He does that a lot.

I started making notes at the 44-minute mark.

Jake repeatedly attacks free speech. In one example he says, " So when claims are made that are untrue--that are harmful--that is not free speech." Of course, Jake is not being honest here because free speech is the notion that government cannot be trusted to regulate speech, but even according to government (last time I checked), speech that is both harmful and untrue is not illegal unless it can also be proved that the speaker knows it is untrue (has no plausible reason to believe it) and has malicious intent. (When I made this point in a comment, Jake shadow-banned it.)

One of the dozens of times Jake misrepresents the arguments of other investigators (a.k.a. the straw man fallacy) is when he pretends that skeptics think that every individual in government is on the same page. He refers to different individuals as "the same government".

Of the dozens of kinds of evidence that point to Sandy Hook being some kind of operation, Jake makes a serious effort to debunk ONE. It was the fact that the FBI murder statistics for that year show zero deaths in that town ... but even Jake's use of what appears to be a state report on which the FBI report may have been based is suspect because he himself is now suspect, and because he did not attempt to explain how the FBI could have missed the 27 deaths in the state report it supposedly used. Nor does he attempt to explain why we should believe the version of the state report with the 27 deaths is the original report.

I am including this link because it really captures the zeitgeist of Jake's new persona.

Jake tells his audience that he could go through every suspicious item regarding Sandy hook and provide a rational explanation, but then he looks his audience in the eye and tells them that such an effort would be pointless because they are basically so mean and stupid and delusional.

Jake says that if you don't have ironclad evidence, then you need to either shut up and keep researching, or admit you are wrong. He thus denies the existence of probabilities. The probable truth of a theory doesn't have to be 0% or 100%. It could be 10% or 90%, or any other probability.

Then Jake expands his accusations by saying that "Republicans" say it's OK to harass the Sandy Hook families.

Although I started collecting notes at the 44-minute mark, there was one particularly revealing straw man fallacy I recalled that I had to go back and find because it was such a transparent and egregious misrepresentation—such a clear and deep betrayal. Jake said that it is stupid to think that Sandy Hook was an operation to justify disarming the people because it is seven years later and they still have not disarmed the people. ​Now ... it's pretty obvious that such an operation would have been intended to move public opinion, and that the players cannot disarm the people until it looks like it is the will of the people because they must maintain the Illusion of Legitimacy at all costs; otherwise, they would be finished.

The first 18 minutes is probably the most outrageous, but in this article I haven't explicitly addressed any points from the first half of the video, so I recommend watching the whole video yourself so that you will be able to decide conclusively that Jake Morphonios has sold out. (I assume he was also a threatened as well as a bribed.) This way, you would be investing a little time now to verify that he needs help to find his way so that you won't be deceived by him before he does.

I returned to this video about 20 times on 3/28 and 3/29, and the dislikes were steadily outpacing the likes, and then on the morning of 3/30 I returned, and nearly 200 dislikes had been removed since the night before. Such manipulation obviously directly benefits Jake and is consistent with the YouTube agenda, but he is claiming that YouTube was manipulating votes to hurt him and their own agenda. Regardless of what was done to the votes, it is a distraction from the suddenly very high probability that Jake is controlled opposition, and of course, we already know YouTube is controlled.

This video tells me that ​Jake has lost his way. I hope he can find his way again. I also hope this article can help him with that by strengthening the light in him. Never forget, everyone is redeemable, and the light in us will always be allied with the light in him.

Update 4/1/19:

In Jake's two subsequent video's (3/30 and 3/31), he repeatedly implies that everyone criticizing him is threatening violence and being "monsters".

I discovered that he shadowbanned many more than just me. In his video on 3/31, not only were all 10 comments positive (and vapid), but the total comment count was 170! Jake Morphonios shadowbanned 160 out of 170 comments! Such a coward!

Jake, a coward dies a thousand deaths. The valiant taste of death but once.

Update 4/5/19:

Jake's Sandy Hook video on 4/5 had more negative than positive votes, and it had 160 comments, but only 34 were visible. Jake had shadow banned 126 out of 160 comments! Consider that he would have banned more, but some must have stopped trying after figuring out they have been shadow banned.

Update 4/9/19:

If one is investigating Jake Morphonios, then consider that there is a significant possibility that he is ​indeed the narrator of this video about high-level Freemasons, and that the narrator claims to also be one (he often says "we"). Not only does the account that uploaded the video claim that Jake is the narrator, but it sounds very much like a younger Jake doing a narrator voice. Of course, it is also possible that it is Jake and that he was merely a paid narrator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cTjhZSoGFg

Update 4/18/19:

In ​Jake's video from 4/17/19 entitled "Understanding How The Deep State Works"​, if you pay really close attention to the many vague, disjointed, partial (and thus hidden) ideas, you will be able to distill the elements of the actual message, which are: 1) The communists no longer control Russia. 2) They now control America. 3) They are now known as globalists instead of communists. 4) The individual globalists are known as the Shadow Government​ (of America). 5) The ​Shadow Government uses the instruments of the Deep State to enforce their will globally. 6) The Deep State is primarily the CFR and the CIA. 7) Israel is of no special importance to the New World Order. 8) Israel has no special power over the American government.

Of course, Jake's message is intentional misdirection because anyone can now easily prove that ​the New World Order is a globally dominant cabal/alliance that controls the entire global mainstream, which includes Russia. Any conflict between Russia and America is thus either theatre (or some other joint operation), or else it is superficial competition—like how Democrats and Republicans compete to be the front men for the New World Order​.


  • rt says:

    First time I’ve seen your site, lots of really good content here, well done. This whole turn of events with Jake really disturbed me, because I had been following his work for quite a while and it is almost always excellent – well researched, well presented. I had to shut this video off after 20 minutes – the repeated non-stop association of mental illness and stupidity with conspiracy theory was bad enough, but it was kind of a sucker punch coming from Jake, who is one of the last people I ever would have expected it from. The majority of his work would fall under the mainstream definition of “conspiracy theory” and he is too smart to not have a sensitive ear about that kind of gaslighting. I’m not going to give up on him yet but I’m going to be extremely suspicious about any work he puts out going forward, which is something I never would have dreamed I’d have to say about him.

    One comment on the last part of your post: The narration on that Freemasonry video is not Jake. Not even close, I’d bet the farm on it. He should rightly be called out on whatever the hell he is doing in these latest videos, but it’s wrong to pin something on him that isn’t him, and that is not his voice. If he really is heading down a darker path, I don’t believe for a second he would be doing it willingly – maybe we can help out by at least not adding to the disinfo. His work on Israel and Las Vegas is good, important work in my opinion, and getting that smeared by association, particularly if it’s untrue, is just what the opposition would like.

    • Jim says:

      Yeah, maybe I should remove that Freemason video. Although it sounds like Jake to me, and although the account that posted it says it’s Jake, that does not constitute compelling evidence that it is him.

  • John says:

    I was shocked to hear how stupid and different he sounded and his points were illogical and temper tantrum like. Has he been cloned ? What the hell happened to him?

  • RationalConsumer says:

    I am out of the loop and haven’t followed the guy for a long time before April but what in the hell? Looks like I made a good choice unsubbing him when I did. I noticed he subtly started going “p.c.” and it rubbed me the wrong way because he was always very articulate and level-headed over most everything else (except his secret agent man phase), so I got suspicious and booted him off my subs. Add to that his increasingly rude behavior in the comment section and claims of his critics being zio-shills. I won’t be a hypocrite and call him a shill but there is something off about him. Looking at the comment sections of his videos show how drastically things have changed on his channel.

  • Howard says:

    He’s a freemason and went unabated to Israel with Adam Green(berg). They control the opposition.

  • >