What SJW Really Means

Just as most people know that Liberals cannot be accurately described as liberal … that Progressives are not really progressive, and that feminists don’t really care about equality … most people also know that Social Justice Warriors are not sociable … or fair … or brave.

“Social Justice Warriors” are anti-social, anti-justice, and cowardly. More specifically, it is pretty obvious that they hate many kinds of people, have many double standards, and run from honest debate.

SJWs are aligned with academia, government, CEOs, the Pope, the mainstream media, and the controlled alternative media, which is pretty much the whole establishment. In other words, the establishment is extraordinarily pro-SJW, and SJWs are extraordinarily pro-establishment, which is why I will refer to those who disagree with SJWs as “the opposition”.

Why would the opposition refer to SJWs as “SJWs”? It doesn’t make any sense, but that was the term pushed by opposition leaders starting with the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Would opposition leaders have called them SHEs (Smart Honest Elites)? Of course not! So, why did opposition leaders agree to call them SJWs? Why didn’t they come up with a name that would convey a more correct image to voters?

Opposition leaders had plenty of general terms from which to choose, such as evasive, duplicitous, delusional, fascist, conformist, coward, and addict. Likewise, they already had more specific terms, such as liberal fascism, political correctness, and virtue signaling.

If any opposition leaders had thought about it for two minutes, they could have come up with better names than SJWs:

VSAs – Virtue Signaling Addicts

PCFs – Politically Correct Fascists

CAVS – Conformists Addicted to Virtue Signaling

ABCs – Anti-social Biased Cowards

Although these names are better than “SJWs”, if opposition leaders had spent a couple of hours working together, they could have come up with even better names.

I am only aware of one opposition leader, Tom Woods, who won’t use the term SJWs.

I trust opposition leaders a little bit less when they use the term SJW. It indicates the possibility that such opposition leaders are actually controlled opposition, or that they have allowed themselves to be played.


  • Guest says:

    Huge piece of graffiti in my city painted by indigenous peoples, insisting ‘DECENTRALIZE EVERYTHING’ (in all caps, of course). It’s good work by people who consider themselves ‘Social Justice Warriors’.

    Many people who hold incredibly similar beliefs to yours (albeit arrived as via tribal memory of a decentralized world prior to Western influence, rather than the deep consideration you’ve given the concept of Libertarianism to arrive at a working system following it’s guidelines) would call themselves SJW.

    It began as a slur from 4chan against those who cared about race, gender and sexuality relations on Tumblr, and the use of the term to divide the masses who might otherwise work together has been very effective.

    The Universe operates on Love.

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