Government Is Part Of The Free Market?

It seems increasingly common to hear someone claim that government is part of the free market, but rather than dismiss such a claim immediately, let’s use it as an opportunity to discuss some interesting points.

If people agreed to a system, and have authorized it to be their agent, and have agreed to be bound by the rules and decisions it makes, then that system is part of the free market.

One could argue that people have not actually explicitly agreed, which is true, but we all know that just about 97% would agree if given the choice.

You could point out that the system is obviously not truly part of the free market because it forces itself on the 3% who would not agree to it. That’s a good argument, and a true argument, and it might get the 97% to agree that their system is not 100% free market, but it would not persuade any of them to opt out.

If the 97% knew that 3% would not agree to the system if given the choice, they might let the 3% have their own country. However, it should be obvious that governments would scapegoat such a country, blame it for pathogens and guns entering their countries, brainwash the 97% to hate it, commit false flags blaming it, sabotage it, attack it, and create/fund/train terrorists and pirates to mess with it. It would have no chance of success.

Therefore, the more important argument is that even explicit agreement by the 97% would not be valid under the circumstances, and that their system is thus not legitimate, not even for them. One should strive to pierce the illusion of legitimacy.


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