Give Us Our Orders

Chis Matthews just affirmed exactly what I have been saying throughout 2011, which is that Obama still has unprecedented support among the people and the media, who are ready and eager to follow his orders. This angers Obama’s frustrated supporters who claim that Obama actually has unprecedented resistance – not unprecedented support. So then I have to explain that Obama’s support is latent because his supporters are so frustrated. His supporters are so frustrated because he will not give them their orders. If he ever does, then they would mobilize on short notice, but he does not, and so their frustration grows.

Matthews pleads with Obama: “Give us our orders.”

Obama will not give his unprecedented number of supporters their orders because he doesn’t know what to do. This is why I pity Obama.

Chris Matthews’ words, behavior, values, and mood agree so closely with my assessment of those attributes for Obama supporters and especially his supporters in the media, that it is almost as if he were reading my emails throughout 2011 and decided to affirm my predictions and descriptions about Obama’s supporters.

How could I have predicted the unreported words, behavior, values, and mood of Obama supporters when my perspective is so different from how they are portrayed in the media? The media basically says they don’t exist anymore, but the reality is very different. So, how did I know that? It seems I must understand of the reality of Obama’s support and the inaccuracy of related media coverage pretty well then.

Obama could reclaim his status as THE ONE in 24 hours. Obama could simply give a speech similar to what Michael Douglas did at the end of the movie “The American President.” Like Obama, Michael Douglas had been President for three years. Like Obama, he was a true progressive, and like Obama’s supporters, his supporters were very frustrated with his compromises and his reluctance to take a tough and clear stand on anything. Then, he rather suddenly decided to be true to his doctrine, and he gave the kind of speech that Obama’s supporters are desperate to hear. The viewers are left with the understanding that Michael Douglas’s character would go down in history as THE ONE.

Michael Douglas gave the speech Obama supporters are desperate to hear.

The issues and catch phrases in this speech should be a little different today because it was written when Bill Clinton was in the same situation as Michael Douglas’s character, which is the same situation Obama is in now. The progressive groupthink is a little different now, but in 1995 this speech was spot on.

NPR and the rest of the media had been feverishly pushing for the stupid and fascist assault weapons ban passed by Congress just before the Republicans took over in 1995; whereas, NPR and the rest of the media had been feverishly pushing for the stupid and fascist Obamacare passed by Congress just before the Republicans took over in 2010.

Bill Clinton’s support was huge and their hopes were high, but then his party lost the Congress and he began to compromise. He even cooperated with welfare reform. His supporters thus became desperate to here Clinton give the speech made by Michael Douglas’s character, which is why this speech was written for his character in the first place.

Now Obama has the same situation as Clinton – and thus has the same opportunity lost by Clinton.

After such a speech by Obama, pretty much all of the media and half of the country (maybe more) will see Obama as THE ONE again. It would be as if the last three years never happened. That may not sound impressive until you realize that not one person in the media or among the people ever thought of either Bush the Elder or Bush the Younger as THE ONE. No one ever thought of Nixon or Carter as THE ONE, and only about 1% thought of Reagan or Clinton as THE ONE. Obama’s support is thus truly unprecedented.


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batfly - November 21, 2011

Get the guns… Door to Door…

Yeah that would help Obama.

Jim - November 24, 2011

Yes, progressive groupthink can't stand up to honest debate. They prefer to shut down debate, or change the game.

In 1994, taking everyone's hand guns and assault weapons was the vanguard of progressive groupthink. Progressives rigged that debate in every way, and still they lost it, but they still havea very large minority of true believers that will live for decades or longer.

Obama will ultimately lose too, but after he loses he could still have the largest blind following of any President ever, and before he loses, he would have the kind of power and blind following that religious cult leaders can't even imagine. The worst part is that if he plays his cards right, it may take decades or more before he loses.


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