State of America—Trump, Year One

One year ago, Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, and the state of America at the end of Trump Year One contains lessons for those on all sides.

One year ago, the players were above the law, and they continue to be above the law today.

One year ago, less people knew that the media are on the same side, and that the alternative media are controlled opposition.

Two years ago, the players launched a campaign to intensify conflict between the so-called left and the so-called right, and that campaign is ongoing. Attempts to generate zealotry on the right however, have begun to peter out. Likewise, attempts to sell Trump as anti-establishment have also largely petered out. An increasing number on all sides are figuring out that Trump is controlled opposition.

Two years ago, the players also launched a related and more successful campaign to incite the right by using the controlled alternative media to inform them about the atrocities perpetrated against them and their country. Such atrocities are being sold by the controlled alternative media as the work of the left because they ostensibly benefit those on the left, but the average person on the left was almost as ignorant of these atrocities as were those on the right. These atrocities have been ongoing for decades, but they continue to be sold by the controlled alternative media as something new so that the right will not ask why they are just now hearing about it when it is too late to do anything about it. Likewise, the right has not yet noticed that the controlled alternative media have given them mostly ineffective and demoralizing counter-arguments and solutions.

Over two centuries ago the players launched a campaign to bypass the Constitution, and that campaign is ongoing, and for all practical purposes, complete.

Two millennia ago, the players launched a campaign to neutralize any grass roots resistance, and that campaign is more effective than ever.

The eternal war of makers vs. takers … also ongoing.

If you are on the left, the government and the media continue to have your back and bully those who do not conform.

The followers on every side continue to be the same as others on their side in most ways.

The leadership of all sides continue to be on the same side themselves; whereas, the followers on different sides continue to be different from each other in some fundamental ways because different strategies work on different kinds of people. For example, if you were the kind of person whose fears compelled him to conform, and who insisted that others conform, then you would naturally find yourself on the side where the government and the media have your back and bully your opponents, and thus you would find yourself on the left. Whereas, if you were not afraid of peer pressure, not interested in virtue signaling, and not so quick to write off friends and family who fail to conform, then you would instead be played with false flags and exaggerated news about common-sense types of fears, such as criminals, freeloaders, drug addicts, foreign enemies, and terrorists.

In other words, America continues to circle the drain, and like every year in recent decades, is a little further down the drain than the year before.