Wealth Gap Proves Half Of America Played Like a Piano

We can easily deduce a reality check for half of America, when we consider the uncontroversial assertion that a study “… in 2017 reported that the wealthiest 5 percent of American households held 62.5 percent of all assets in the US in 2013, up from 54.1 percent 30 years earlier.”

How is it the party that hates the growing wealth gap the most—is the party that was in charge the most?

Sure, the first six of those 30 years was Reagan and Bush Sr., but that ended 24 years earlier and is thus irrelevant.

How is it possible the wealth gap is so much higher if we just had 8 years of hope and change from Obama, not much change from George Bush before that, and 8 years of Bill Clinton feeling our pain before that? That means the world doesn’t work like the media says it does.

Clearly, all those who keep falling on their swords for Clinton and Obama have been played like a piano, and they don’t know how the world really works.

We don’t see Bush voters falling on their swords for Bush, and it took 9/11 to play them … instead of just a few sound bites and media hype.

How is it the party with the most free thinkers—is the party that is most conformist?


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