The Lucky Charms Conspiracy

The Cold War was a technological race between the United States and the USSR, and this race reached its most intense during the Cuban missile crisis of October 1962 because the USSR knew that the US was very close to rolling out the first reverse engineered alien technology.

Whereas, in 1962, the US and the USSR had technological equivalence. For example, both had corn flakes and other similarly old technologies that had been around for 60 years, but on March 20, 1964, a little over a year after the Cuban missile crisis, the US leapfrogged the USSR with the introduction of Lucky Charms, which seemingly just came out of nowhere.

One day we had corn flakes, and the next, we had: pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers. The USSR scrambled to try to steal this technology as it fell further and further behind. They were always after our lucky charms … until the USSR eventually crumbled from within.

However, notice how the cereal eaten by the American people has not advanced since 1964. This proves that the NWO is keeping the best alien technology for themselves.

The cereal eaten by the NWO is infused with AI. They even have ones that look like real butterflies that will literally fly out of the bowl and into your mouth.

The fact that this technology is not on store shelves, proves that the US government works for the NWO, and not for the people.


  • Kevin says:

    Thanks for everything you do. This was under “satire”, but I think this was misfiled. If you meant it as satire, I recommend you do some more research on General Mills and West Berlin. The facts are all there.
    Can’t wait to see what you discover. Thank you again for opening my eyes.

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