I Work for Putin?!


The Washington Post informs me that I am being played by Putin.

Bullshit! I’m not being played! I am one of the players!

It’s not just me. It’s the whole liberty movement. We all work for Putin (the former KGB agent). The socialists and progressives see right through us because they obviously have such a firm grasp on reality. That’s why they agree with their leader, Hillary Clinton, who says we are all deplorable and irredeemable. In other words, we are less than human — like how everyone sees cannibals — like how their great grandfather saw his family’s slaves — and how their grandfather saw Jews … So in touch with reality they are.

I was not aware of some of these sites, so I would like to say “Thanks!” to the Washington Post for telling me so many sites where I can find the truth. Saves me lots of time.

Although EndOfInnocence.com is not explicitly mentioned on their enemies list, many of the sites listed are on the same page as EndOfInnocence on most issues. Some of them are in the list of recommended sites on EndOfInnocence. In fact, many of them are less extreme than EndOfInnocence. Therefore, my main concern is … What am I doing wrong?! How do I get on that list?!

On a more serious note, at least one of these sites (Paul Craig Roberts) is indeed anti-American and pro-Russian. It is a fake anti-establishment site. It is a Psyop, but it is far more likely to be CIA than Russian. It uses real conspiracies as bait while trying to make Americans feel bad about being Americans and while subtly promoting big government. It is like a sneakier version of the socialist and progressive sites.

While I am being serious, why would the Washington Post, which vies with the NYT to be the most important newspaper in America, make such an extreme credibility destroying move right after having lost so much of their remaining credibility after getting caught cheating for Hillary? Such an extreme move smacks of desperation.

From what could they be so desperate to distract us? Could it be Pizzagate, which by itself could set the globalist elite back 50 years?


  • Anonymous says:

    PCR is also an anti-capitalist but… Russian propaganda? He sounds a lot lot like Trump on economic issues like protectionism. BTW, it looks like your boy over at the other site did ban ol' Bluebeard. Why the fear of debate?

  • Jim says:

    I don't care too much if someone "works for the Russians" because that would be easy to see for most people, but PCR wouldn't have such an insidious message if he weren't NWO. I don't think the Russians care about corrupting the liberty movement in the US – unless Putin is also NWO, which is certainly possible (I haven't looked into it yet).

    I thought I was banned there too, but my posts started sticking again after I closed and reopened my browser. In fact, I said that right below Bluebeard's post, but I do see that Bluebeard's post is no longer there. I would like to know what happened to it. I had asked the site to stop banning me before I had reopened my browser, so maybe I had actually been banned and they reinstated me after I requested it.

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