Never Johnson

I have been a libertarian since at least 1993, and in 2012, I contributed to the Johnson campaign, and thus, I never would have believed that he could lose my vote, but he just did.

First, consider that, although there are some naïve people in the Libertarian Party, any serious, honest, independent-minded, longtime libertarian knows that under Obama, America is circling the drain, and that Hillary and Obama are evil people who are front men for other evil people, and that Democrats and Republicans both work for the same evil people, who some refer to by one of their main agendas – the New World Order. Their differences are mostly theatre. No well informed libertarian has anything good to say about Hillary or Obama – or either Bush.

Now one can understand how shocked I was by the recent CNN town hall, where the host would say a name and Johnson and Weld would give a concise opinion. When the host said “Barack Obama,” Johnson said, “Good guy,” and Weld said, “Statesmanlike.” … WTF?! … Then, when the host said, “Hillary Clinton”, Johnson said, “A wonderful public servant,” and Johnson said, “Old friend. Nice kid. Knew her in her 20’s. We shared an office in the Nixon impeachment. Real bond. Lifelong.” … WTF?!!! … I instantly new that Weld would have to know that Hillary stood out among the lawyers and politicians on the Nixon impeachment for her unethical behavior.

I thought … “Maybe this is just some tragically misguided attempt at being positive,” but then, when the host said, ” Donald Trump,” Johnson said that when he was in the Republican party early in the 2012 campaign season, if Trump had become the Republican nominee, then he would not have supported Trump. Weld simply said, “Huckster.” … sooo … nope … They weren’t being positive.

Then, Johnson and weld were interviewed by Reason TV, and to summarize, Medicaid needs to GIVE poor people the same healthcare policy that Johnson got as a state governor. He expects the rest of us to pay for that, and he also expects us to repay the bankers who printed 20 trillion out of thin air and gave it to the federal government. He also says that life in America is better than EVER because we get along better, kids are smarter, law enforcement is better, and business is better – all of which is false!

In a later interview, Johnson said he supports the TPP, but we don’t even need to know any such specifics to say Never Johnson because he has so clearly sold out, which means that no matter what he would do as President, the net effect would be unhealthy for the voters – because that is the whole point of selling out.

Regardless of what these guys have said and done before, they are clearly NWO shills now … as if their lives depended on it …