Real Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, and Jews Would Boycott Israel

Real liberals would boycott the apartheid state of Israel until the European invaders (they call themselves Jews) got out of Palestine (they call it Israel). These Europeans are maybe 8% Semitic and 1% Hebrew, but even if they were 100% Hebrew, and even if their god were that racist, that wouldn’t be a valid claim to anything.

Real conservatives would boycott Israel, because of the USS Liberty, until dual citizens were out of the US government, and the Israeli lobby was shut down.

Real Christians would boycott Israel because Israel hates Jesus. If the rapture ever happens, American believers are in for a rude surprise.

Real Jews would boycott Israel because it is genocidal and was not created by the messiah.

Israel is not only the most recent genocidal apartheid state, but it is the only one created by European invaders after the entire world had decided it was wrong to do so.

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