‘War Of The Worlds’ Panic Is Myth

Slate debunked the myth that “War of The Worlds” caused widespread panic.

A guest writer for Miles Mathis deduced that the creation of the myth itself was the goal of a premeditated conspiracy.

The myth of panic has helped the ongoing psyop that is so effectively making individuals dislike and distrust each other. It does so in this case by creating the illusion that most other individuals were easily made to believe absurdity, and at some level, everyone knows:

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. —Voltaire

Debunking this myth so quietly ensures that only a trickle will have pierced this illusion, and thus almost every one of those few who escape that level of the psyop will see everyone else as useful idiots, and will thus have escaped only to be ensnared in another level of the same psyop!

However, those who pierce the illusion shouldn’t be snobs because skepticism is the correct reaction to those real conspiracies that require the existence of a globally dominant cabal, which seems astronomically unlikely to be able to exist and stay secret. One should thus first demand proof of a globally dominant cabal, and although we now have that proof, very few have seen it.