Expert Watches Third WTC Tower Collapse—100% Certain It Was Controlled Demolition

In the video clip below, you can see for yourself how Danny Jowenko, a demolitions expert, reacted when he first watched the collapse of the third World Trade Center tower (WTC 7) that collapsed on 9/11. It was immediately self-evident to him that it was a controlled demolition.

Note how he was shocked that it happened just a few hours after the twin towers fell. He later said that it could be possible to demolish it that quickly if all regulations were ignored, but not given how it also contained fires the whole time. We can also deduce that so much activity by so many men could not have gone undetected, and yet, no one witnessed a demolition being set up.

In fact, it should be immediately self-evident to anyone of at least average intelligence, who is at least 20 years old, and who has seen some controlled demolitions and fires—just as it was immediately self-evident to me. More importantly, what is self evident to any competent adult … is self-evident to any competent adult in the mainstream media.

This is earth-shattering because it means the official story (that the collapse was caused by the modest fire we see in the videos) … cannot be true, and yet this ubiquitous video that immediately proves the official story of 9/11 cannot be true has gotten zero mainstream coverage since the official story came out, and almost zero coverage before that. Most people still don’t know that a third tower fell, and yet, there are hundreds of millions who do know and who are trying to tell them.

Before the official story came out, the controlled demolition narrative was accepted by the few mainstream people who mentioned it when cornered in an interview, such as Larry Silverstein (the owner) and John Kerry. This was possible because it took about seven years for NIST to release an official story.

Out of the tens of thousands of times it should have been mentioned by the global mainstream media. It was mentioned only once—by Geraldo Rivera, who said this conspiracy theory was not entirely crazy after all. That was a Friday, and on Monday he said that he still “loathes conspiracy theorists”. He wouldn’t touch it again after that.

Otherwise, WTC 7 has not gotten a response from any person in the mainstream media around the world for 15 years, which means that someone has been exercising the power to perpetrate a 100% global cover up of commonly available earth-shattering self-evident video for 15 years in spite of the efforts of hundreds of millions of those who know the truth. Such power is unprecedented.

Ordinary people would call Danny Jowenko directly and ask him about it, but you yourself won’t be able to do that because he died when his car ran into a tree … like how Michael Hastings died when his car ran into a tree a few days before he was going to release the biggest story of his career.


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    Are you still writing at all? I came across your site when I did a search asking if flat earth was a psy-op since it seems so blatantly contrived and I’ve been reading your posts ever since. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on 2020 and beyond.

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