Obama Still A Half-Black Gay Socialist

There has been increasing talk of how the Nobel committee should revoke Obama’s 2009 peace prize. After all, he has done everything Bush did and more. Critics feel that surely the Nobel committee must now see their mistake, but consider that none of their reasons have changed, and thus they see no mistake. Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for the same reason he was given everything else in his life – because he was a half-black gay socialist – not all black – that would be too black, and of course, Obama is still a half-black gay socialist, so they see no mistake.

Although everyone acknowledged that Obama had not actually done anything yet to earn the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel committee was given the necessary cover they needed for such an implausible move because the media had already given the world “The Myth of Obama”. Or more accurately, the media had already given Obama the Myth of Obama – for the same reason Obama has been given everything else.

Although Obama appears to be no smarter than Bush. He does have some additional attributes that help to explain why everything has been given to him. In a nutshell, he is an excellent front man.

For example, Obama is tall and has a good voice. Also, Obama is photogenic – not as photogenic as people think – but photogenic enough, with the help of make up and Photoshop applied by the media. That’s just part of the Myth of Obama – the media’s gift to Obama.

Obama is also a good enough actor. He just has to be a blank canvas onto which the media paint the Myth of Obama. For example, he just has to read the teleprompter and never step out of character and never say what he really thinks about white people, America, or anything else; which brings us to his final qualities that explain why everything has been given to him – he is anti-white and anti-American.

Therefore, since 2009 nothing has changed. In fact, just a few days ago Obama’s CDC expanded his police state further. Nevertheless, the war protesters and human rights activists on the left, who disappeared as soon as Obama took office, haven’t come back because their reasons for disappearing have not changed – Obama is still a half-black gay socialist.

Socialists (and other progressives) have all the information they need to know that Obama has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, that he has ruined the lives of millions, and that he has worsened the lives of billions … but they don’t care so much about that … what they really care about is whether Obama is an anti-white anti-American half-black gay socialist.


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