USS Liberty: Israel Attacked America

In 1967, Israel perpetrated an act of war by trying to sink the USS Liberty, and Israel committed war crimes against US sailors by machine gunning the lifeboats and by trying to kill everyone on the ship. Israel knew even before the attack that it was an American ship. Then, US government officials at the highest level committed treason both by covering up the atrocity as well as for having planned to sacrifice the US sailors from the beginning.

Three days earlier, the US had secretly helped Israel launch a secret surprise attack on its neighbors; whereas, the US and Israel denied that Israel had started the war, so Israel had no reason to sink this American ship unless it were trying to cover up an even greater atrocity than starting the war, but it is certain they were trying to frame Egypt if the massacre succeeded. (The US had even scrambled planes armed with nukes and headed for Cairo.) However, Israel failed to sink the USS Liberty and also failed to kill all of the US sailors, which is probably because the US sixth fleet had scrambled planes to protect the USS Liberty, but unbeknownst to Israel, McNamara had ordered the US rescue effort to stand down—much like the US ordered the Navy rescue to stand down during the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi in 2012.

Not only was the USS Liberty massacre a treasonous US cover up of an atrocity perpetrated by Israel against US sailors, but the US government intended to sacrifice the USS Liberty and its crew all along. Consider that the Liberty was ordered to 13 miles off shore instead of the recommended 100 miles. When the Navy later supposedly sent multiple orders to the ship to move 100 miles away from the shore, the USS Liberty, the Navy’s most advanced communications ship, supposedly didn’t get the memo. Then, when the sixth fleet sent planes to defend the USS Liberty, McNamara ordered them to stand down. Clearly the US government wanted the USS Liberty sunk and all of its crew murdered.

I first learned about the USS Liberty around 2003 when I saw a documentary on cable TV. In that documentary the survivors testified that Israel machine gunned the lifeboats in the water as well as anyone Israel saw on the deck of the ship. The survivors were quite clear that the intent of the machine gunning was to kill the survivors. All of the survivors were quite certain that Israel knew they were Americans. It is the only documentary I have seen where one of the multiple Jewish survivors looked directly into the camera and said that he was Jewish and had no reason to lie or make Israel look bad and that Israel had indeed machine gunned the lifeboats in the water, but I have not been able to find a documentary containing that testimony since then.

The testimony of Jewish survivors is critical, not just because it lends ironclad credibility to the already unanimous and consistent stories of the survivors, but also because it makes clear the fact that Jewish people and Israel are not the same thing. Whereas, the actions of Israel endanger Jewish people everywhere, the heroic actions of these Jewish survivors protect Jewish people everywhere, and yet both Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists ridicule and threaten these brave Jewish men. You can find the statement of one of the Jewish survivors on his web page here.

Fortunately, the BBC did an equally good documentary entitled USS Liberty: Dead in the Water. The History Channel also made a pretty good documentary in 2001, which I just watched because I thought it might have been the first one I saw. (Maybe it was. Maybe that scene had subsequently been scrubbed.)

In addition to the three documentaries, I recently spoke with a 61 year old veteran of the US Navy, and he confirmed that Israel knew it was an American ship, that Israel did machine gun the lifeboats the water, and that everyone in the US Navy knew it and was mad about it. Nevertheless, the US Navy immediately began a cover up that continues to this day.

If you didn’t know any of this, that is because the US government and the US media have done everything they can to cover up the USS Liberty incident.