Did George Soros Give the Orders?

Let’s demolish the ubiquitous logical fallacy where people desperately try to maintain their normalcy bias by blurting, “They were not part of a conspiracy because the New World Order does not give them their orders.”

Players don’t need to give orders … and all sides are being played.

Suppose that you left your house and walked past a nearby hornets’ nest without incident every day for years. Now suppose that shortly before you next walked past the hornets’ nest, George Soros had thrown a rock at it and run off, and thus, inevitably, when you walked past the nest they attacked you.

Do the hornets work for George Soros? Does George Soros give them orders? Do they know about the conspiracy? Do they even know George Soros exists? Would it be fair to say that the hornets are useful idiots?

If you understand this analogy, then you can understand how Obama got elected, why both parties are the same side, how most wars happen, how most terrorism happens, how tyranny grows, why rich people support socialism, what happened in Ferguson (on all sides), what happened to Trayvon, what happened afterwards, etc.

Like I said, all sides are being played.