America’s Four Gun Cultures

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, can be seen saying that we must brainwash people in order to eliminate the “gun culture”. Now any honest person knows he was intentionally conflating the gun culture of the inner city with America’s liberal founding principles, all of which, were his real target … because today’s American liberals are not actually liberal. They are progressives.

Then, just recently, a liberal acquaintance with a PhD, who is surrounded by other PhDs, and who insists she is different because she wants smaller government and individual liberty (which would constitute a real liberal) succumbed to peer pressure. She lumped me in with the “gun culture!” when I mentioned the importance of an armed citizenry for acquiring and maintaining individual liberty. Also, she had previously expressed concern upon seeing me (legally) wearing a sidearm. Hence the need for this article.

Let’s use the “liberal” term “gun culture” against them because guns are indeed of great value to any noble culture and to anyone else in touch with reality. Let’s  distinguish inner city (criminal) gun culture from concealed carry, which is a second kind of gun culture, and which is directly concerned with the basic right of defense from individuals who initiate force (e.g. criminals); whereas, America’s founding principles are defended by a third gun culture, which is directly concerned with defense from governments, which are themselves the fourth gun culture.

The most useful definition of government is: A monopoly on the right to initiate force within a geographical boundary. Such a clear definition makes it self-evident that a people must be prepared to defend themselves from any government – not just from those governments who are already known to especially like initiating force (e.g. progressive governments). That’s why a progressive like Obama has always wanted our guns.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting or self-defense. Those rights are self-evident and also not a direct threat to governments anyway. Hunting and self-defense are thus covered by the thousands of rights protected by the Ninth Amendment, which says that everything is a right except for the very few limited powers explicitly granted to the government by the Constitution. Of course, that is the opposite of how the government interprets the Constitution today, which means that almost everything the government does is unconstitutional, but let’s not get sidetracked.

The Second Amendment, the basic right of the people to form militias, is thus a special case of the even more basic right of self-defense against individuals who initiate aggression.

Let’s look at the reality of inner city gun culture, concealed carry culture, America’s founding gun culture, and government gun culture, which includes police, FBI, BATF, DHS, CIA, and the military. Each of these four gun cultures is on one of two sides. On the progressive side, we have the gun cultures of the inner city and of the government, which both use guns to initiate aggression. On the freedom and dignity side, we have the gun cultures of concealed carry and of America’s founding principles, which use guns to prevent initiations of aggression.

Inner City Gun Culture

Inner city culture is well known already – in spite of attempts by the “liberal”establishment media to whitewash it and thereby cover up the atrocity of government dependency that they have perpetrated on the black community. Also, how is it that the party that says it wants to empower the little guy … is the party that wants to disarm the little guy?

Some in the black community are starting to figure out that the inner city is the new plantation, and that “liberals” put them there. Such enlightened black men call themselves Runaway Slaves. They are among my personal heroes.

Concealed Carry Culture

If I am driving in a city or cross country, I will usually be wearing a sidearm because I may need the ability to prevent an initiation of aggression. That is also why I lock my car doors.

I lock my car doors – not to protect me from any first time criminals outside – but to protect any first time criminals outside … from me.

Concealed carry permit holders are a culture beyond reproach, which is probably why even the discredited “liberal” establishment media doesn’t go there.

Consider that cops are convicted of crimes 600% more often than concealed carry permit holders. When one also considers that cops are above the law vs. ordinary citizens, then we can safely assume that a cop who committed a crime, at least against an ordinary citizen, is 600% less likely to be indicted and convicted. Therefore, we should assume that the average cop is 36 times more likely to commit a crime compared to the average concealed carry permit holder.

Government Gun Culture

Everyone has seen videos of cops brutalizing and framing the people, and former cops tell me that one cannot work in any jurisdiction for more than three years without at least being an accomplice to such abuse. One even told me that he cannot count the times he had to walk away from other cops who were about to frame someone. He did not want to be a witness and he would not lie in court, but he could not testify against other cops either – because they would have killed him.

We can see the government agenda in their targets.

We can see the government agenda in how they responded to the Boston bombing.

We can see the government agenda in how they treated the citizens of Iraq.

The purpose of government gun culture is obviously to manufacture the kind of obedient sociopaths who will not hesitate to kill innocent people in their own homes. Of course, it is hard for government to manufacture as many obedient sociopaths as they think they need, which is why government likes drones. We can see the government agenda in Obama’s unconstitutional new power to assassinate Americans with drones, even on American soil.

We can see the government agenda in how they perpetrated 9/11 to justify more of a police state, such as the Patriot Act.

America’s Founding Gun Culture

Freedom without guns is unsustainable.
Tyranny with guns is unsustainable.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to defend the rest of them.

The British population has less gun deaths than the American population.
Slave populations have less gun deaths than the British population.
Prison populations have less gun deaths than slave populations.

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?”
Patrick Henry

Beware of strong drink.
For it can make one shoot at kings …
And miss.

“Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”
― Gandhi

Does Europe regret letting the globalist elite disarm it yet?
Many of the mass shootings in Europe were black ops.
They were a pretense used to disarm the people.
Does Europe know it has been played?

Sweden (pop.10 million) now has 1 million Muslim immigrants.
They are mostly young men who are thus not refugees.
If a Swede says they are not refugees, he will go to jail.
Also, rape is up 1500%.
If a Swede says they are causing the rape increase, he will go to jail.

Do Europeans regret letting the globalist elite disarm them yet?
Do Europeans know they have been played?

Now the globalist elite see the armed American people as the last thing standing between them and their New World Order.

One either supports guns, or one supports rape, tyranny, and genocide.
One either supports the people, or one supports the globalist elite.