Mutual Aid Society Pledge

I propose the following guide/pledge for the members of a mutual aid society.

I make a non-legally binding pledge to uphold the following principles regarding my interaction with every sentient being:

Integrity – I will act with integrity, which means my principles will be consistent with each other. My positions (and beliefs) will be consistent with my principles. My decisions, actions, and inactions will be consistent with my principles. My life will be consistent with my principles. I will make personal sacrifices to live consistently with my principles. If I discover that my position is out of sync with my principles, then I will change my position. The end does not justify the means, which means that I will not violate my principles to promote my principles.

Open Minded – I will always be open to the possibility that I am wrong and that someone else is right.

Tolerance – I will be tolerant of that which does not violate my principles.

Responsibility – I will accept the personal debt I incur when I violate my principles. I will not appeal to government for aid.

Curiosity – When something is out of the ordinary or violates my principles, I will investigate.

Courage – I will overcome my fear to be true to my principles – my fear of pain, embarrassment, peer pressure, and the unknown.

Independent thought – I will trust my ability to think independently.

Honesty – I will not misrepresent myself or others. I will not obfuscate. I will not be evasive. I will not cheat.

Peace – I will not initiate force, violence, or physical aggression. I will not be passive aggressive. I will not be unnecessarily divisive. I will not respond to words with force.

Nobility – I will honor my agreements. If I created an expectation, I will try to honor it. If I would have agreed to someone’s unstated terms, then I will try to honor those terms now. I will treat others as I would like them to treat me – even when responding to an initiation of force or fraud. I will not invoke government against others. I will be a good neighbor. I will not be a dick.

Progress – I will leave the world a better place than if I had never existed. Not to be confused with American Progressivism, which violates many, and perhaps all, of my principles. I will actively  promote my principles and positions. I will not shut down debate. I will be a maker – not a taker.

I make the following non-legally binding pledge regarding my interaction with all other individuals who make this pledge.

I will offer mutual aid first to anyone I choose, then to those in my pod, then to those in my decapod, then my hectopod, then kilopod, etc.

I pledge to uphold first any amendments to this pledge made by myself, then by my pod.

I will support any unanimous decision made by everyone (including me) in my pod.


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