The Fallen Angel Psyop

The Fallen Angel Psyop acknowledges there is a globally dominant cabal, but describes them as:

Followers of Satan, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Satan’s agenda is to cause as many people as possible to reject the salvation of Christ and die in sin. This whole world system has been designed to disconnect people from God and brainwash them, making it easy and convenient to remain in slavery to sin but difficult to serve God and be freed from sin. The end game of disclosure is for people to believe that fallen angels and demons are advanced extraterrestrials from ancient mythology so they will follow the Anti-Christ and reject God in the last days while those who speak the truth to save souls before they’re lost forever are persecuted and killed.

In other words:

  • Advanced aliens may or may not be real, but …
  • An omniscient omnipotent God who created everything is real … and he created a universe in which everybody (the best and the worst) have two choices—believe in the salvation of Christ or be tortured for all eternity—because he loves you.
  • Fallen angels and demons are real … and they have only one mission—to trick us into not believing in the salvation of Christ.
  • Therefore, we should focus all our attention on this, and ignore any human perpetrators with human goals.
  • There is no way that the human perpetrators themselves created any part of this story as a psyop to misdirect attention away from themselves.

Although misdirection is the primary goal, two secondary goals are to create division and waste time by causing some to research and argue fruitlessly. Another secondary goal is to discredit conspiracy research in general by making extraordinary claims with little or no evidence.


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