Individualism Made America Great

Americans seem to have forgotten the meaning of freedom. Freedom is individualism, which was once also known as liberalism.

America was founded on individualism. Pure individualism is simply the idea that everyone can do whatever they want as long as they don’t initiate force or fraud against anyone else. This is why Americans used to be so proud to be Americans, and why almost everyone else wanted to be an American.

The opposite of individualism is collectivism. Pure collectivism is simply the idea that everyone must conform to the same beliefs and actions and that every belief and action must be either mandatory or prohibited.

For example the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were both extreme forms of collectivism, which explains why everyone gets confused about how they are supposed to be opposites on the extreme left and extreme right when in fact they are quite similar.

Although many civilizations throughout history were ruled by a person wielding absolute power, such kingdoms were not actually collectivist. Religious theocracies were actually much closer to collectivism than were any monarchies or dictatorships.

Of course, we learned centuries ago that theocratic collectivism is a bad thing, and yet in the early 20th century we went and did the same dumb thing by inventing secular collectivism. Secular collectivism came in several flavors such as communism, progressivism, and fascism. Communism rationalizes its collectivist nature as a means to achieve its philosophical tenet, which is “from each according to his ability – to each according to his need.” Progressivism rationalizes its collectivist nature as a means to achieve its philosophical tenet, which is the use of science to perfect the human race. Fascism does not rationalize its collectivist nature as a means to achieve its philosophical tenet because collectivism IS the philosophical tenet of fascism.

Fascism is neither left nor right. Pure fascism is pure collectivism.

I prefer the term conformism instead of fascism or collectivism because it means the same thing and yet is much less confusing.

Conformists will bully others into conforming. Conformists will be champions of regulation, taxes, big government, and the idea that their politics are correct whereas others are simply wrong (a.k.a. political correctness). Conformists are certain that their faction is always the good guys and that others are always the bad guys. Therefore, they will excuse any initiation of force or fraud by their faction, and their agenda must be implemented by everyone regardless of the cost to everyone.

Individualism made America great, and conformism (fascism) is destroying America.


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