Interstate Commerce Nullification Amendment

I just thought of another Freedom Amendment.

The American government is so out of control that I now think the only way to stop Congress form violating the Constitution and the only way to stop them from taking our freedom and our money – the only way to stop the Congress from taking our future – is for us to take back some of the powers we granted to the Congress in the Constitution.

The single most abused power granted to Congress is the teeny weeny little power to regulate interstate commerce. Almost every law – including Obama’s fascist requirement that we all buy health insurance – is based on that one little clause.

If voting worked, then we wouldn’t have to resort to such sweeping measures, but … if voting worked, then it would be illegal …  Because voting doesn’t work, we need the Interstate Commerce Nullification Amendment:

The power of the Congress to regulate commerce between the states is hereby fully and immediately revoked.


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