Fix the Economy by Regulating the Militia

Progressive economists believe: Enough government spending (of any kind) would fix the economy. For example, building pyramids would fix the economy. War would fix the economy. Fighting an alien invasion would fix the economy, and building the Death Star would fix the economy. Therefore, progressive economists must believe that the government could fix the economy by performing one of its very few Constitutional roles—regulating the militia.

The Second Amendment says that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and it says the people have a right to form militia, and it also recommends that the government regulate those militia by providing them with regular (standard/uniform/sufficient) equipment and training.

Of course, providing equipment and training in no way obligates a free individual to show up when the government calls forth the militia. An individual militiaman shows up only when he has decided it is the right thing to do, and he shows up only for as long as he continues to believe it is the right thing to do.

Of course, just as those who have freedom of speech are all of us, and the media (the press) are all of us—the militia are all of us.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure freedom by ensuring that the people are a much greater military force than the government. Therefore, every individual has the right to keep and bear—not just any kind of arms the government has—but any kind of arms without limitation—without “infringement”.

To avoid distraction, let’s quickly address weapons of mass destruction. Unless the Constitution is amended, the people also have a Constitutional right to own any weapons because it allows individuals to own warships—the most power weapon at the time. With or without such an amendment, the government would not have to equip the militia with weapons of mass destruction anyway. Now, back to our point …

The government could equip the militia (all of us) with the best weapons, training, and gear.

Although the militia are all of us, it wouldn’t make sense to equip everyone, and the test of whom to exclude from the program of free regulation must be objective, ethical, and simple. For example, it must be free of conflict of interest. The test is thus pretty obvious …

Only those who pay taxes are eligible, and regardless of whether one pays taxes, anyone who receives income from the government is not eligible.

If you are a progressive, the economy would be fixed.

If you are a conservative, America would be impossible to invade.

If you are a libertarian, freedom would be ensured.


  • Brilliant! I still get lulz reading Krugman's article about building a defense against alien attack to stimulate the economy.

    Of course, government "stimulus" is no such thing. But I would absolutely support government spending in certain areas, most enthusiastically for those things for which it is constitutionally enabled.

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