Romance in 1011 AD. There’s an app for that.

We lined each other up in our smart phones, tapped our interest levels, and they instantly negotiated a legally binding agreement based on our values and objectives. Most people had grown comfortable pressing Accept without reading it.

It was unusually clear:

Currently approved activities: ALL.

Both parties retain 100% of right to decline.

Female retains 100% of right-to-carry decision. Male therefore, incurs no liability for decision to carry after 90 days. 50% liability for first 90 days.

All other liability, such as decision to abort, no-fault disease, etc: 50% liability.

I tapped the Input Factor Summary. Again, it was unusually clear:

Sheri (last named withheld)

Overall Rating: 4.5 (71 reviews)

Your Rating: 5.0 (estimate)

Health: 4.9 (36 hours ago)


As we walked past the newsstand, the paper in front of me said: London, July 4th, 1011. Then it all came rushing back to me … This app didn’t exist last night … or that thing in the sky … and cars didn’t hover … and men didn’t have reproductive rights … and 1011 is … 1000 years ago …

Sheri saw my disorientation and pointed to the old dude next to us. He dressed … almost as if he imagined himself to be some kind of wizard.

He said, What you’re looking for is in here. He handed me a parchment. It began:

In London, 776 AD, We hold these truths to be self evident …

Then I awoke … and I knew … the world is not what it could have been … not what it was supposed to be.

My development was no longer arrested. Time to get to work.


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