The Remains of America

At some point, the future of America will at best consist of a small percentage having talent or wealth among a sea of individuals having nothing. This small percentage will serve as a foothold on which America will rebuild, and the longer we wait to fix America, the smaller this foothold will become, and the longer and harder it will be to rebuild.

America once had a large population of poor people, but we  had a foothold – a small percentage who were unusually talented or unusually wealthy, and because this foothold had the freedom to innovate and invest, more and more Americans rose into the middle class, which further increased the number who were unusually talented as well as the number who were unusually wealthy, thus enabling even more to rise into the middle class, in a virtuous cycle. However, government has reversed this trend. Government has squelched innovation and investment, and now we are only preventing the middle class from shrinking by borrowing. This is unsustainable.

Government is unsustainable.

The longer we try to sustain big government, the bigger the inevitable crash will be, and the smaller the foothold will be from which we can rebuild, and that is the good news. If we wait too long, why would any foothold be left at all? Why wouldn’t they have already migrated to another country? If we wait too long, why would we be strong enough to rebuild while holding off external predators?

Freedom made America great, but government is destroying America.


  • Anonymous says:

    Amen. It won't be long before Patriots like Jim will be banned (and/or persecuted) for expressing such opinions.

    DC cannot be fixed. Even if Dr. Paul were elected the Powers-That-Be would never let him govern. Folks, we are down to the 10th amendment. Most States have fallen. If you live in one of them get out ASAP and join strongholds of fellow Patriots. And get good with God.

    Quoting a dear fellow Patriot, "The REAL reason for the 2nd amendment is becoming obvious."
    Montana Guy (another)

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