The Transparency Amendment

Government is not the solution. Government is the problem.

More specifically, government is, and always will be, the tool of those who cause the problems.

Better legislation does not work.

Eternal vigilance does not work.

Better candidates does not work.

Transparency works. In the eternal war of makers vs. takers, transparency is the only way government can be anything better than a force multiplier for the takers.

Transparency works, which is why we don’t have real transparency. In fact, the lack of curiosity in the media is truly breathtaking. It seems almost as if the establishment media exist solely to fabricate a sufficient illusion of transparency to prevent revolt, but of course, we know they also exist to fabricate other illusions, such as the illusion of representation (e.g. They fabricated The Myth of Obama).

Given the entrenched forces resulting from so many generations without transparency, extreme measures will be necessary for about a generation. Therefore, I propose a new Freedom Amendment – The Transparency Amendment:

The Transparency Amendment

The President, Vice President, and every member of the Congress shall wear a device to capture the surrounding video and audio every second of every day while in office. Failure, for any cause, to publish all content to every citizen within one hour of capture by the device shall constitute forfeiture of office. Publication to a web site shall be considered sufficient to meet the requirement to publish to every citizen. Once published, such content shall remain continuously accessible to every citizen in perpetuity. Intentional or accidental removal or disabling of the device, by any cause, shall constitute forfeiture of office.

This amendment shall also apply to the Chairman and governors of the Federal Reserve, to all federal judges, and to all justices of the Supreme Court.

This amendment shall take effect sixty days after ratification.

This amendment shall expire twenty years and sixty days after ratification.