Video is a Game Changer

All leaders in all organizations can be influenced by legitimate positive reinforcement such as raises, praises, bonuses, and gifts; and of course, some leaders in some organizations can be influenced by illegitimate positive reinforcement – we call that corruption.

However, by far the most effective way to influence most leaders in most organizations is embarrassment, and the most effective way to embarrass them is with video evidence. If they make a clear and noble statement on video, then if they later violate that statement, the video can be used to hold them accountable, or if they make an indefensible statement on video, then the video can be used to hold them accountable for that.

Video of Jeremiah Wright nearly sank the Obama campaign.

When Hillary said she dodged snipers when she landed in Bosnia, she expanded her lead over the relatively inexperienced Obama, but when video showed that she was actually being handed flowers by a little girl when she landed in Bosnia, Hillary’s campaign never recovered.

The corrupt but untouchable ACORN was at the cusp of a ten-fold increase in power and wealth under the Obama administration, and then an amateur investigator made a few videos inside ACORN and succeeded where government investigators, prosecutors, and the entire media establishment had failed.


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Dennis Gorelik - March 22, 2010

It's not that much about video. It's information availability in general makes everyone more accountable.
And not only politicians.
We use less cash and more electronic payments, which are traceable.
We do tons of public statements on Internet, which helps to build (or destroy) reputation.
That's a good change.
BTW, we are just 5 years away from "Back to the Future II" — the year of 2015.


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